Language Training for ESL Instructors

Program Features:
•   Prior learning assessment and individualized
    career path development
•   Higher level language instruction
•   Professional development opportunities
    (networking, workshops, conferences, courses)
•   Job preparation
•   Work placement in an ESL classroom
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Are you an internationally trained language teacher?

Do you want to pursue a career as an ESL instructor?
Program Description:

The course will be composed of three components:

200 hours of in-class language training which will provide,
• sector-specific language training to help you further develop your oral, written and socio-cultural skills.
• workplace preparation. This will include modules on learner-centred, tasked-based instruction and the Canadian Language Benchmarks, employers’ expectations, job search strategies and the preparation of teaching portfolios.

• 25 hour work placement with an experienced ESL Instructor. This bridge-to-work component will give you insight into and experience in the Canadian classroom and the ESL workplace.

10 hours of professional development both online and in class with other ESL instructors.
Enrolment Requirements:
• Have a language teaching background and an interest in teaching ESL to adults in Canada.
• Have a minimum of CLB 7 in each of the four skill areas.
• Be available days (9:00 to 2:30) from April to June 2014.
For more information, please call 416-397-6959
Frequently asked questions:

1. What is Enhanced Training?
Enhanced Language Training  is a higher level language course. Funding is provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.This sector-specific course is intended for internationally trained non-native speakers of English and offers a bridge to work component as well as language training. 
2. What are the requirements for ELT for ESL Instructors?
Eligible candidates will have a background in teaching and be interested in teaching adult non-credit English as a Second Language in Canada. A minimum CLB 7 proficiency in each of the four skill areas is required. You must also be available full time days Monday to Friday from April 7th to June 13th, 2014.

3. How can the course help me?

Participants will benefit in three ways:

Improved language skills
The course provides higher level language upgrading, sector-specific terminology, and lessons around business soft skills to give you a better socio-cultural understanding of the classroom and the workplace. You will gain an increased awareness of and practice in using methodology currently used in Canadian classrooms including the Canadian Language Benchmarks and a task-based, learner centred approach.
To see the course outline, click here:  Language Training for ESL Instructors
Goal setting and career path development
We will work with you to help you acquire all the facts and information you need to make career decisions and move ahead with your career in Canada. You will be clear about the varying types of accreditation needed to teach in different sectors (adults or children, public or private sector) the steps needed to become certified, and other teaching-related options.
Workplace readiness and workplace experience
We will help you improve your teaching resume and cover letter and prepare for a teaching interview. You will gain Canadian experience through a work placement in an adult ESL centre and through networking opportunities at the Toronto Catholic District School Board's monthly professional development workshops for ESL instructors. 
4. I am interested. What do I do?
You will need to do two things: take a language proficiency test and have an interview where we will conduct a prior learning assessment (PLA) and begin to chart your career path.
Call us at 416-397-6959 and we will book a language assessment and a PLA interview for you.
The next session begins April 7th, 2014. 
5. Where and when will the course take place?
The course is held twice a year at St. Leonard Adult Education Centre which is at 100 Ravel Road, Toronto, M2H 1S9. Classes run for ten weeks. The next session begins on April 7th, 2014. Prior Learning Assessment interviews will begin in March 2014. 
6. What else can you tell me about my job placement?
Each participant in the program will be matched with an experienced ESL instructor for a 25 hour work placement. Placements will take place over 5 Wednesdays concurrent with the course. Activities will include classroom orientation when you will observe and possibly assist the instructor and workplace orientation with the opportunity to network with other staff members and have access to the school’s resources.

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