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Online Citizenship Preparation Course

Are you interested in a free, online citizenship preparation course?

​With funding from the Government of Ontario, we are looking for participants for the Winter 2023 course.

Course Details

  • This course is online and self-directed. You will go through all the units on your own. You will work independently on your own computer. However, we are there to help if you need it.

  • Your English level in listening, speaking, reading, and writing should be CLB 4 or above.

  • You will watch a video on how to sign up and login to an e-course, and complete assignments. You will need to follow instructions to learn quickly from the course activities. You will see the instructions in the course space after you have officially signed up.

  • This course is offered from January 16, 2023 to April 14, 2023. There are 12 units. Some are short, (2-3 hours), and some are longer (8-10 hours). You should complete ALL the units, which will take about 60-80 hours.

  • You can complete the units in your own time and pace. You can repeat activities as many times as you like. The units include quizzes, games and readings. They will help you prepare for the citizenship test. There is an assessment task in each unit that you can only do ONCE.

  • When you complete all the units in the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

What You Need to Register

You are eligible if your immigration status is one of the below:

  • Refugee Claimant

  • Convention Refugee

  • Permanent Resident

  • Live-in Caregiver

You also need:

  • A computer, with access to the Internet

  • An active email account

  • Ability to work independently on your own

  • A current assessment from the YMCA that shows your English level is CLB 4 or higher in all four skills

How To Register

To register, email