Group photo of JCM students chosen for the Post-Secondary Prep Class with The Honourable Jean Augustine

The Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community and Diaspora is a university Chair in the Faculty of Education at York University. The aim of the Chair is to advance access, equity and inclusivity to education through engagement and collaboration in the community and school boards.

We pleased to announce that York University and the Faculty of Education have chosen to partner with James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School. To "kick off" this collaboration, our school was graciously invited by the university on November 2, 2023 (Thursday) to attend the screening of the film Steadfast, a film that chronicles the life of The Honourable Jean Augustine. The event was attended by some of our students already selected for the program and staff.

In keeping with the purpose and intent of the Chair, our school needed to select students who identify as Black and whose pathway is entrance to post-secondary education. The program is designed to support Black students during their first year of post-secondary education which is a time that is typically a considerable shift from the familiar high school structure and culture. Further, the program enables students to customize their secondary school education to suit their interest and skills. 

With the help of our Guidance Department, Ms. Eugenio, Mrs. Greto, and Mrs. Ilodigwe, we identified and selected approximately 35 students from Grade 10 to Grade 12 to participate in this initiative. The expectation is that this group of students will remain as a Post-Secondary Prep Class for the duration of the school year. 

Looking ahead, students in the program will be working alongside York Faculty members and postgraduate students throughout the school year. Students will be provided with learning opportunities that best support their pursuit of post-secondary education. Given the preparatory nature of the program, students will engage in a wide range of activities, which includes university tours, networking sessions with Black faculty members and alumni, attending lectures specific to their program area of interest, and attending relevant seminars and conferences responsive to their educational needs and aspirations. It is our hope that this collaborative experience will yield a successful and "a soft landing" for our Black students entering post-secondary education.

Thank you to York University as this is another great opportunity for the James Cardinal McGuigan school community and for all of our current and future students!

Group photo of JCM students chosen for the Post-Secondary Prep Class with The Honourable Jean Augustine

Group photo of JCM students chosen for the Post-Secondary Prep Class at the Steadfast screening