The front of the school building.

Dress Code

Acceptable Dress Code

  • Navy blue bottoms.

  • Pants, cords, walking shorts .

  • Sweatpants for primary grades ONLY.

  • Navy skorts, skirts, jumpers/tunic dress (navy or white tights, leggings or stockings to be worn ONLY with skirts, skorts and jumper/tunic dress).

  • White or Navy tops.

  • Turtleneck sweaters, t-shirts, dress shirts/blouses, golf shirts & sweatshirts.

  • Over garments such as sweaters, sweatshirts, “hoodies” and vests must be navy blue or white with no graphics, messages or slogans.

Unacceptable Dress Code

  • Jeans, jean dresses/skirts, jean shorts, short-shorts, bicycle shorts, tops with spaghetti straps.

  • Muscle shirts, leggings, jeggings or yoga pants (of any type).

  • Any shirts with logos or slogans unless it is a school crest.

  • Any type of halter or belly top-midriff should be covered.

  • Athletic shorts for the classroom (they may be worn for physical education only).