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Toronto Catholic District School Board

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Welcome to Week 8 (Oct. 21 – Oct. 25)
This week we wish our staff and students travelling to Spain safe travels and best wishes.
Reminders for the week:
  • This week is Green Quest Waste Reduction Week. Thanks to Kathy, John, and Olimpia for setting up a week filled with waste reduction initiatives. Please review Varia for specific details. In addition, Green Quest will also be preparing Fall Harvest Baskets for staff filled with organic vegetables from our very own Mary Ward Garden and local farms. The cost is $10 per basket. Please refer to the email sent from your Green Quest Team for more information on how to place your purchase.
  • This Monday is Academic Awards Night. Staff presenting an award are asked please be at school no later than 6:45 p.m.
  • TA Interviews – All advisees should have completed their 2nd interview and are completing their 3rd interview at this point.  Where there are challenges, please let Admin know. Also, a reminder to all teachers to please review student Agenda books in the morning to ensure that students are including full details of their daily work.
  • On Friday, October 25, we will have a hold and secure drill. Please review the procedures for a hold and secure with your advisees during TA in preparation for this drill.
  • Please review expired test authorizations due to ½ day on Thursday and exam day on Friday and adjust accordingly in Web Marks.  Also, please track down students who have not yet submitted unit 1.  Please contact TA and/or home!!
Monday, October 21 – Day 6 – Academic Awards Night
  • Academic Awards Night @ 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria
  • Green Quest: Electronic Waste Collection (*takes place all week)
  • Department Heads Meeting – Please bring electronic device.  Chrome books are available in the library.
  • HFA4U1 Trip to Kensington Market; meet @ 10:00 a.m. @Trinity Bellwoods Pk. (Queen St. W./Strachan Ave.), dismissed @ 2:30 p.m., Candiotto unavailable
  • Mary Ward Coaches' Mtg, Room 110A, @ lunch
Tuesday, October 22 – Day 7
  • Green Quest: Textiles Collection (*used clothing collection will take place all week)
  • NBE3U1 trip to Manitoulin Island; depart @ 8:00 a.m. Oct 22/19, return @ 7:00 p.m. Oct. 24/19, Mak/VanRooyen/Cuschieri unavailable
  • HFN trip to Pioneer Village, be @ school @ 8:40 a.m., depart @ 9:00 a.m., return @ 2:50 p.m., Valentini, Ferrante unavailable
  • SHSM Inservice, Code 83, Engalla unavailable all day
  • TCDSB Safe Schools Symposium @ Montecassino Banquet Hall, all day, Sersanti, DeSilva unavailable
  • Aboriginal artist to create mural with religion and Sr art students – all day
  • Guidance & Admin & SS (Hayes, Tsang-Lee) meeting 1 – 3 p.m. in office conference room
Wednesday, October 23 – Day 8
  • Green Quest: Food Waste and Fall Harvest Baskets
  • CGC1D/P & SNC1D/P @ Thompson Pk, be at school @ 8:40 a.m., depart @ 9:00 a.m., return @ 2:00 p.m., Bozek, Schwan, Coleman, Langlais, Sersanti unavailable
  • CHC2D1/02/05 trip to Spadina House, depart @ 11:15 a.m., dismissed @ 3:00 p.m., McAndrew/Morra unavailable
  • Ontario College Fair at Enercare Centre 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  • Pastoral Day of Care - Cucchiara, Peets, Arturi, K. Wong out all day
  • Guidance DH Meeting @ OLMC – Burley unavailable all day 
  • TDCAA Coaches' Meetings @ Senator O'Connor, 4:00 p.m.
  • Magee out all day
Thursday, October 24 – Day 9
  • Green Quest: Plastics and Packaging
  • Sr. Art Spain Trip – Powell, Hayes out
  • HFN trip to Pioneer Village, be @ school @ 8:40 a.m., depart @ 9:00 a.m., return @ 2:50 p.m., Weathers, Ferrante unavailable
  • Ontario College Fair at Enercare Centre from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Pre-Onsis Workshop @ OLMC, all day, Cardinale, Sosniak unavailable
  • When Faith Meets Pedagogy Conference – Dabbagh out Thursday and Friday all day (several Mary Ward students attending)
Friday, October 25 – Day 10
  • Green Quest: Shoreline Clean-up (please encourage 2 advisees to sign up for periods 4 and 5)
  • Sr. Art Spain Trip
  • Hold and Secure Drill #1
  • When Faith Meets Pedagogy Conference – Dabbagh out Thursday and Friday all day (several Mary Ward students attending)
Sports/Clubs (home games are highlighted): 
Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.
Tuesday, October 22
  • Sr. Boys' Volleyball Game @ Charbonnel, depart @ 2:00 p.m., start @ 3:30 p.m. dismissed from site, Harrison/Sersanti unavailable
Thursday, October 24
  • Sr. Girls' Basketball Game VS Newman, Game @ 3:30 p.m., Coach: Rossi
Friday, October 25
  • Cross Country Tournament @Centennial Pk., be @ school @ 8:15 a.m., depart @ 9:00 a.m., dismissed from site, Coaches: J.Hayes or A.Carabine or M.Peets unavailable
  • Once again, thank you to Marissa L., and Jen H., the co-chairs of the CCSDL, and to the CCSDL committee members: Nicole P., Diana V., Kathy B., for helping to make this conference such a success! Thanks to Adam C., for looking after all the tech. Thank you to everyone who took the time to welcome out guests, answer questions, and actively participated in self-directed professional development. We hope you were able to make connections with other CCSDL member schools. We look forward to the next CCSDL in two years.

TA Tip(s) of the week
  • As teachers advisors, one way we can help our TAs achieve success is to continue to help them make good use of their agenda.  This week, let’s check to see that students are making use of all the tools in the agenda book. Encourage students to fill out their teacher floor schedules and review the conflict free schedule. Teacher floor schedules should be filled out at this point of the school year.  It can also be useful for them to highlight the conflict free times that pertain to their schedule.  Even using paper clips to earmark those pages so that they are easily accessible on a daily basis.  Encouraging our TAs to use the agenda to its fullest potential will help them build the skills they need to stay on task. 
Have a great week, everyone!