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Toronto Catholic District School Board

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Welcome to Week 26 (Mar 19-23)


Spring has sprung!  We hope everyone had a fantastic Break as the dark days of winter are slowly giving way.   We hope everyone had an opportunity to rest and re-charge!


 Reminders for the week:


  • There are only 12 weeks remaining for students to submit units.  We ask that you remind your advisees and subject students of this key information.  If any of your graduating students are in jeopardy of not attaining 30 credits, you are reminded to bring this to the attention of your SBAT guidance counsellor immediately.
  • A reminder that Friday is the Last Day to Submit Units w/tests.
  • A number of students are not attending TA check out for TA3. If students are absent, please make them accountable for the absence. They should be providing you with a sign out slip or should be considered a skip.


This Week’s Schedule:


Monday, March 19 – Day 2 – Share Life Week and Super TA begins

  • Gr. 10 Retreat to Scott Mission & Good Sheppard, all day, Rosseel/Lena unavailable
  • ·Reach for the Top Competition @Malvern, depart 2:15pm, Holmes/Simone unavailable

    ·       LSSAC meeting, 2pm in Office Conf. room


Tuesday, March 20 – Day 3

  • Steering Committee meeting, Library Conf. Rm, 2pm
  • SNC1D1/1P1 trip to Science Centre, all day, Molloy & Lena unavailable
  • Girls' Indoor Soccer @Downsview Park, all day, Gintoli, Rossi unavailable


Wednesday, March 21 – Day 4

  • Co-op Unit 5 Integration #2
  • MW Spring Coaches Mtg, @ lunch, Rm 110B (pizza lunch provided)
  • Skills Canada Speech Competition @ Father Henry Carr, all day, Mak unavailable
  • Andrea out for morning, St. Bonaventure Church


Thursday, March 22 – Day 5

  • Lock down drill
  • Grade 10 Town Hall – Period 4&5 in library
  • Board Wide Sharelife Civvies Day​
  • SSVPA meeting - K Wong out AM


Friday, March 23 – Day6 - Last day to hand in units WITH tests

  • Public Health Presentation, Gr. 9s, Periods 4&5, in Caf, all Phys-ed teachers attending
  • SPH3U/4U/4C Trip to Science Centre, 9:15-2:30pm, Molly/Frair unavailable
  • TMJ4C1/TMJ2O1/THJ201 Trip to Prince of Peace elementary, all day, DeRose, Harrison unavailable



Sports/Clubs (Home Games Noted): 


Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  



  • Boys' Indoor Soccer Playoffs begin




  • C​ongratulations to Mary Lynn and the Gender Justice Team for a wonderful week of very important information and creative advertising for the cause.  Well done!
  • On Friday, we welcome back our students and colleagues who had the opportunity to travel to Greece and Italy trip over the March Break.  We are certain that they had a successful a​nd enjoyable tim​e!

Tips of the Week.jpg 

TA Tip(s) of the week

Super TA interviews begin this week and run until April 13th! Please refer to Kathleen's emails re: the process of these interviews and tools to assist you with them. 

Have a great week, everyone!​


Welcome to Week 24 (Feb 26-Mar 2)


As we enter the first week of March, we are encouraged to reflect on the virtue of Forgiveness:

Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.  Forgive, and you will be forgiven. (Luke 6:37)


 Reminders for the week:

·       TAs, Please continue to collect course selection forms and funds this Monday through Wednesday.

·       We have a couple of key events happening this week including Spirit Week, Grade 9 Ropes, our incoming Grade 9 Registration on Tuesday, and the Black History Month Presentation on Monday morning.

·       March is Celtic Heritage Month.


 This Week’s Schedule:


Monday, February 26 – Day C-8 - Ext'd TA "B" Black History Month Presentation (please listen for TA Groupings as there are 2 Assemblies) –

Last day to submit units/tests for Report Cards


Ext. TA B – Black History Month Assembly/Presentation


TA 1:    (Ext. TA B)                                       8:40 – 10:05 a.m.

Assembly 1 (TA groups 1 – 32)                     8:50 – 9:25

Change-over                                                   9:25 – 9:30

Assembly 2 (TA groups 33 – 69)                   9:30 – 10:05

Return to TA until 10:05

Period 1                                                          10:10 – 10:55

Period 2                                                          10:55 – 11:40

Period 3                                                          11:40 – 12:25

(No movement time)                                      12:10 – 12:25

Lunch                                                              12:25 – 1:15

TA 2:                                                               1:15 – 1:20

Period 4                                                          1:20 – 2:05

Period 5                                                          2:05 – 2:50

(No movement time)                                      2:05 – 2:50

TA 3:                                                               2:50


·       Spirit Week (GRADE 9s)

o   Merch (Merchandise) Monday (students can wear their club/team sweaters)

o   Lunch Activity: Karaoke

·       Reach for the Top Comp, @Woburn, depart @2:15pm, Holmes/Simone unavailable

·       Grade 9 Ropes course beings today and runs all week


Tuesday, February 27 – Day 3


  •  Spirit Week (GRADE 10s)
      • Tacky Tuesday (crazy hair, excessive accessories, etc.)
      • Lunch: Guess the Song
  • Incoming Grade 9 Registration evening on Feb 27 (3:45pm -7:30pm)
  • Safe Schools Symposium @Montecassino Place, all day, Sersanti unavailable
  • SNC1D1/1P1 trip to Science Centre, all day, Buck & Khalil unavailable
  • Pa
  • ri
  • se-Bullock out AM at Newman



Wednesday, February 28 – Day 4

•     Spirit Week (GRADE 11s)

        What are those? Wednesday (shoes and socks)

        Lunch: Whip Cream Teacher in the Face


  • Gr. 10 Media/Comm Trip to Agincourt Library 9:30-2:30pm, Powell & Arturi unavailable
  • NBE3U1 to Tarragon Theatre, 12-4:30pm, Hayes, Weathers, Patel, Mak, McAlpine unavailable
  •  Spec. Ed, trip to Ricoh Coliseum, Marlies Game, 9:15am-2:50pm, Adourian, Parise, all EA's unavailable
  • Secondary Principal meeting - Magee out all day



 Thursday, March 1 – Day 5


  • Spirit Week (GRADE 12s)
      •        Tropical Thursday (Hawaiian shirts, tropical accessories, etc.)
      •        Lunch: Are you smart than  SAC member?
  • Staff Meeting Schedule
  • Badminton Game @Libermann, 2pm depart,  Kennedy unavailable
  • Girls' Indoor Soccer Tournament @Hangar, all day, Gintoli, Rossi unavailable
  • OFSAA Snowboarding Tournament, Georgian Peaks, all day, Adourian unavailable
  • Co-op Inservice At Fraser North - Ventura, Pezetta out all day



Friday, March 2 – Day 6


  • Spirit Week - Rep your grade day (civvies, each grade given a specific colour)
  • Spirit Week Lunch: Shrinking Island
  • CGG301 Trip, Seneca College, all day, Schwan unavailable
  • Mental Health Symposium, Code 83, all day, Jen Hayes unavailable
  • SHSM Trip-Ont. Science Centre, all day, Engalla & Filazzola unavailable



Sports/Clubs (Home Games Noted): 


Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  




  • Table Tennis Tournament @Ward vs JPII & Brule, 3pm





  • Varsity Badminton game @Ward vs BMT, 3pm






  • Thanks to all staff for helping with Course Selection and ensuring our students register for the 2018-19 school year.  Your support with this request is most appreciated.  A special thanks to the Guidance Department, Paulette and Lynn as well for all of their hard work leading up to the Course Selection Days.  As of the end of the day on Friday we have registered a total of 515 students for next year which is a fantastic start!  Please follow-up with any students who did not submit their forms.  This information is essential for planning the staffing and scheduling for the school.  




  • A big thank y​ou once again to John Notten for his “Final 50” presentation at last week’s parent meeting.  Parents were very engaged and appreciated John taking the time to provide tips and tools so that parents and guardians can better support their children in the last portion of the school year.​





Tips of the Week.jpg 

TA Tip(s) of the week


Your students may inquire about the next steps if they are considering changing the courses they have selected. Please let them know that they can make appointments after March break should they change their mind re: course selection.




Have a great week, everyone!