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 Program Overview

STEAM is a specialized program at Neil McNeil that focuses on enrich​ed learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. An emphasis on creativity and technology is embedded across the curriculum. STEAM has been developed for students who welcome the challenge of working in an enriched classroom environment with other like-minded students.  STEAM students are active in a curriculum that is steeped in inquiry-based teaching that promotes deep exploration of key concepts in real-world contexts. STEAM enables students to make connections between their learning and their world.  The goal of STEAM Education is to prepare students for post-secondary study and the 21st century workforce. 

STEAM is grounded in a rigorous school-based curriculum with many opportunities for unique hands-on learning. This program exists within the framework of Neil McNeil’s rich tradition of strong academics, excellent athletics, and an outstanding fine arts program in music, drama, and visual arts. 

Students move together in Grades 9, 10, and 11 as a class in the four core areas of Math, Technology, Science, and English.  In Grade 12, they  may select courses based on the requirements of their chosen post-secondary programs of study.  Acceptance into the STEAM program indicates a firm commitment to the program. 


Grade 9

Course Description Course Code
Grade 9 Mathematics (cohort) MTH1W2
Grade 9 Academic Science (cohort) SNC1D2
Grade 9 Academic English (cohort) ENG1D2
Grade 9 Exploring Technology (cohort) TIJ1O2
Grade 9 Religion HRE1O1
Grade 9 Geography CGC1D1
Grade 9 Academic French FSF1D1
Elective Course Options
  • Physical Education
  • Visual Arts
  • Instrumental Music
  • Drama
  • Business

Grade 10

Course Description
Course Code
Grade 10 Academic Mathematics (cohort) MPM2D2
Grade 10 Academic Science (cohort) SNC2D2
Grade 10 Academic English (cohort) ENG2D2
Grade 10 Media Arts (cohort) ASM2O2
Grade 10 Religion HRE201
Grade 10 History CHC2D1
Grade 10 Civics/Careers CHV201/GLC201
One additional Elective Course

Grade 11

Course Description Course Code
Grade 11 University Mathematics (cohort) MCR3U2
Grade 11 University English (cohort) ENG3U2
Grade 11 University Science
(Chemistry, Biology, or Physics)
SCH3U1, SBI3U1, and/or SPH3U1
Grade 11 Technology ICS3U1, TDR3M1, TDJ3M1, TGV3M1 and/or TDA3M1
Grade 11 World Religions HRT3M1

Grade 12

Students may select courses based on the requirements of their program for post-secondary study. An additional 3 courses must be completed in grade 11 or grade 12 in the areas of Math, Science, and/or Technology. Grade 9 Academic Mathematics (cohort) ​​​​ ​​​

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