Five students posing with backpacks and classroom material

Dress Code

Every student in the school is required to wear the uniform as designated by school authorities.

All students must wear:

  • Navy golf shirt, long or short sleeves with FHC crest.

  • Grey McCarthy pants at


  • All-black shoes with black laces (no stripes or logos in a different colour).

Optional uniform items:

  • Navy zip polo, cardigan and zippered sweater with FHC crest (must be worn with the golf Shirt).

  • McCarthy navy walking shorts.

  • Only plain white t-shirts may be worn under the golf shirt and they must be tucked-in.

  • From September to Thanksgiving and then in May, students may wear the navy walking shorts. All of these items are to be purchased from McCarthy’s.

Prohibited items:

  • Any items that are not part of the uniform are not allowed and will be confiscated. These items include:

    • No hats or head gear (includes do-rags and head scarves) on school property: Hats are to

      be removed before entering the building. No hats in hoods.

    • No Dickie pants.

    • Jackets and coats of any type must not be worn in classrooms.

    • Jeans of any type.

    • Coloured t-shirts under the FHC sweater or FHC shirt.

    • Sandals.

    • Jewellery not in keeping with the moral tone of the school.

Students shall come to and leave school neat, clean and appropriately dressed according to the approved specifications and the components of dress for use in that school.

Students are expected to be in uniform all day including in between classes, study periods and lunch periods.

A student who does not conform to the requirements of the Code, as set out in the Board approved Code of Student Behaviour, shall be subject to the sanctions for persistent opposition to authority, subject always to the discretion of the principal.

Purchase School Uniform

There are two alternate ways to shop for your school uniform: