The front entrance of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School.

School Staff

Our Lady of Perpetual Help is fortunate to have a dedicated and passionate team of school staff who are committed to providing a nurturing and challenging learning environment for all students.

From teachers to administrators, counselors, and support staff, each member plays an essential role in creating a positive and inclusive school community.

School Staff 2022-2023

Kindergarten: Ms. Alessio/Ms. Kenney
Kindergarten: Ms. Margot/Ms. Scott
Senior Kindergarten/ Grade 1: Ms. Reed
Grade 1/2: Mrs. Sojoodi/ TBD
Grade 1: Ms. Sharon Tracey
Grade 2: Mrs. Codrington
Grade 2/3: Ms. Comande
Grade 3: Ms. Martino
Grade 3/4: Ms. Gaudio-Guzzi
Grade 4: Mrs. Sourial
Grade 4/5: Ms. Sambrook
Grade 5/6: Ms. Matovic
Grade 6: Mr. Da Silva
Grade 8: Mr. Booth

Physical Education: Mr. Akelatis
Health: TBD
French: Mlle. Umbrello, TBD (AM)
Educational Assistants: Ms. Moulton, Mr. Bedard
Resource: Mrs. Gorgolewska
Lunch Supervisors: Mrs. Moon, Ms. Henry
Early Childhood Educators: Ms. Alessio, Ms. Margot
Vocal Music: Ms. Hinschberger (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - AM)
Instrumental: TBD (Wednesday), Mr.Nargolwalla (Monday - AM)
Caretakers: Mr. Bellamy (AM), TBD (PM)