Six uniformed students with hands around each other

About Us

Mission Statement

Our school's mission is to offer our students a rich spiritual, academic and cultural formation in the light of the Gospel values, challenging them to achieve excellence in a stimulating, culturally rich, community-based and welcoming environment. Together with the Catholic School Advisory Council the School strives to provide our students with the most current educational and technological resources available to us through the Ministry of Education and the School Board to enhance their learning opportunities.

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

From its inception in 1975 St. Demetrius School has been closely linked to St. Demetrius The Great Martyr Church and has been supported by the Church and the Church community through the celebrations of the Eastern Rite faith.  

St. Demetrius School is an inclusive community that focusses on developing the full potential of every learner through the implementation of the Ontario Curriculum, applying differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of all students to help ensure student success. Our curriculum is enriched through the provision of an International Languages Program of Ukrainian language instruction which is offered daily from Grades 1 to 8. At the Kindergarten level, instruction in Ukrainian is currently offered for half a day. This, is in addition to French language instruction, allows our students to become trilingual graduates.

Students are very involved in the liturgical and cultural life of the parish as well as the church community, contributing through performance at community celebrations like Prasnyk, Vertep at Christmas, and Easter Hahilky. Our students also participate in an outreach program of service to the residents of the Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre and the Seniors Residence through visits and performances during celebrations and feast days.  

A broad range of athletics and other cultural programs are also offered to our students, including:

  • Sports teams such as soccer, boys' and girls' volleyball, basketball

  • Intramural sports

  • String orchestra and string ensemble

  • Vocal music program

  • Chess club

  • Art club

  • Track and field team

  • Cross country team

  • Student Council leadership opportunities (charitable events, spirit days)

  • Math group for Gauss competition

  • W5H teams

  • Curriculum related excursions

  • Concerts presented by French, Ukrainian performers

  • Author visits to enhance literacy

  • Scientist in the School presentations for all classes

  • Anti-bullying and safe schools presentations

  • Early identification of student needs through our School Based Support and Joint Teams

  • Resource support

  • Gifted learning opportunities (Grades 5-8)

  • English as a Second Language classes

Through the excellent efforts and strong collaboration of School, Church, parents and CSAC, our students benefit and have the opportunity to excel academically, socially and spiritually.