The front of the St. Gregory Catholic School building.

Parent Council

Our Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC) provides a forum for families to understand, engage and support issues that affect the education of our students.

Our CSPC members include parents/guardians, school administration team members and community representatives.

CSPC Meetings

All CSPC meetings are held in the school’s staff room on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM (unless otherwise specified). Everyone is invited to participate and share their ideas.

2022/2023 Parent Council

  • Vanessa Thomas

  • Michelle McLaren

  • Sandy Lascu

  • Rosemary Chiappetta

  • Kathy Fenech

  • Sara Concordia

  • Diana Morrone

  • Celia Goncalves

  • Tina DeMaria

  • Susanne Reis

  • Andria Dametto

  • Kim Ruggiero

  • Steven Cardoso

  • Raquel Cardoso

  • Michelle Caruso

  • Lai Zhang

  • Kim Baird

  • Michelle Liotta

  • Anna Kozicka

  • Giovanna Santino

  • Guadalupe Vazquez

  • Marj Bridger

Executive Council

  • Co-Chair - Vanessa Thomas

  • Co-Chair - Michelle McLaren

  • Treasurer - Sandy Lascu

  • Secretary - Rosemary Chiappetta

Get Involved!

Minutes, Agendas and Other Documents

For archived agendas and minutes, contact the parent council or school principal.