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About Us

The motto of St. Joseph’s College School is “Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor” (The love of Christ has gathered us together into one).  This has reflected a long tradition of educating young women by focusing on their intellectual, physical, social and creative abilities in a loving, Catholic, faith-filled environment.  Respect for the rights and dignity of all and service to others are important in our daily lives.

The school is organized on a two-semester system and courses are offered at the Academic, Applied, Locally Developed, and Pre-Advanced Placement levels in grades 9 and 10, and at the University, College, Workplace, and Advanced Placement levels in grades 11 and 12.

Specialty programs include: Gifted, Extended French, Rhythm and Movement, a sport-focused program in basketball, and Advanced Placement preparation in: Mathematics, Science, History and English.  Enrichment opportunities as co-curricular activities are accessible to all students and provide experiences that are stimulating and challenging.  In addition, we offer a Fast Forward program in Healthcare for students who are College or workplace bound.  Graduates of St. Joseph’s College School frequently return to the school and remark on how well-prepared they were for post-secondary studies. 

Our school is a certified Eco-School at the Silver Level.  Our community shows an ongoing commitment to the well-being of our environment through a comprehensive recycling and education program.

The success of our co-op program is enhanced by the resources accessible to us in our immediate community. Our students benefit from a rich variety of work experiences due to our proximity to the Bay Street business district, Queen’s Park, Toronto hospitals, theatres, universities, colleges, museums, art galleries and many others.

Our location provides our students and teachers with unique opportunities.  Being in the heart of Toronto and next door to the University of Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Ontario Legislature, among others, allows teachers to enrich the curriculum.

St. Joseph’s College School is a diverse and progressive community where every attempt is made to meet the needs of all students.  We have provided over 155 years of tradition and excellence in the education of young women in Toronto and we invite any young woman who wishes to maximize her talents and leadership abilities to join our school community for her high school career!

Prayer to St. Joseph

Holy St. Joseph, spouse of Mary,
Be mindful of us, pray for us, watch over us.
Guardian of the child Jesus,
Take our affairs, spiritual and temporal into your hands
And obtain for us the grace to know and lovingly
To accomplish the holy will of God.
O glorious St. Joseph, hear our prayers
And obtain our petitions

How We Meet The Diverse Needs of Our Students

Spiritual Life

Chaplancy Program
“The Chaplains of the Toronto Catholic District School Board strive to live an active Christian faith which embodies the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity.  This vocation calls us to work as witnesses to the gospel values of justice, peace, reconciliation and compassion.  We encourage students and staff on their faith journey.”

From “Chaplaincy in Secondary Schools”, 2003 
The Chaplaincy program at St. Joseph’s College School provides all staff and students with opportunities to grow in their Catholic faith through experiences of prayer, the sacraments, social action and Catholic leadership.  The school chaplaincy team leader and the student chaplaincy team organize the student retreat program; plan all aspects of school liturgies; contribute to the annual Remembrance Day Assembly; and facilitate many other school projects, including the Pink Ribbon campaign, Thinkfast, Catholic Education Week, Respect for Life Week, Social Justice Week, Social Justice Outreach program and the Catholic Student Leadership Impact Team.

A Well-Rounded education

At St. Joseph’s College School, students are encouraged to combine their academic curriculum with extra-curricular activities. The staff at St. Joseph’s College offer a wide range of after-school activities and students are strongly encouraged to choose an activity which meets their talents and interests.  

The Athletic Program
The Physical and Health Education Department and the Girls’ Athletic Association together run many intramural and competitive sports programs. Over the years, our teams have enjoyed much success in the TDCAA leagues. Many of our graduates have continued their athletic success at the University and College level. 

The Arts
The Arts Department at St. Joseph’s offers a full range of drama and visual arts courses along with an opportunity to explore the subject of vocal music. Drama students have showcased their dramatic talents by taking part in the Sears Drama Festival. Visual Arts students have worked in set design for the drama festival, have provided logos and posters for many school board endeavours and have enhanced the school hallways by creating murals and displaying their work.

Individual Attention

Student Services
The Student Services Department of St. Joseph’s College School provides support to students in their transition from elementary school; throughout the secondary school years; and to college, university or the workplace.  We have two dedicated full-time counsellors, two Child and Youth Workers and a secretary.  Together, they support students in making appropriate course selections and providing information on graduation requirements, post-secondary planning, and career opportunities.  Counsellors also support students in dealing with personal issues, making sound life choices, and balancing study and part-time work. 

Resource Department
At St. Joseph’s College School, students who need additional academic support can access the services of the Resource Department which consists of six full-time teachers and three educational assistants.  The Department assists students in variety of ways:  working with students within a particular classroom, providing a place for students to write tests and exams in a smaller setting, offering the Learning Strategies course, and developing students’ reading levels through Academy of Reading.  An Individual Education Plan is developed for any student requiring additional support. 

Enriched/ Gifted Program
The Gifted/Enriched program at St. Joseph’s College School is open to any student who wishes to participate in the many activities offered.  These include Encounters With Canada, U of T Mentorship Program, Student UN Conferences, Canadian Club Luncheons, Social Justice Week, Queen’s University Enrichment Week, and the TCDSB Gifted Conference.  Gifted students assist in running the following school-wide initiatives:  Teens Taking Action Against Impaired Driving, In the Driver’s Seat, Violence Awareness Week, Grade 8 visits, and the Grade 9 Orientation. 

Library Information Centre
Our students live in a new era known as the Information Age.  The focus on information and technology has profoundly affected the nature of society and the world of work.  More information is accessible to all people in our society, and more businesses are seeking employees who are proficient in information retrieval, analysis, and communication, in conjunction with highly developed technological skills.  The focus of the Library Information Centre at St. Joseph’s College School is to encourage our students to become information literate and lifelong learners. 

The Library Information Centre at St. Joseph’s College is fully automated and secure.  Students and staff are encouraged to use the library for academic purposes.  The focus of the library information centre is to teach students to research efficiently and effectively.  The teacher librarian works in partnership with the classroom teachers in planning, teaching and delivering programs that best suit student needs.

Success For All

Credit Recovery 
In order to ensure that all students have opportunities to meet with academic success, St. Joseph's College School offers a Credit Recovery program, target ing students who have not accumulated the expected number of credits for their year.  Academic achievement is reviewed regularly by Administration and Student Services and students who are behind in credit accumulation are programmed into Credit Recovery. 

Phast Paces
In conjunction with the Hospital for Sick Children, St. Joseph’s College School has introduced PHAST PACES, a reading program designed to provide students with decoding and comprehension skills.  Students are assessed by staff from HSC and recommended for the reading program which is then delivered by an SJCS teacher for one period each day in either Semester I or II. Students receive an English credit upon successful completion of the program.