The front entrance of the St. Joseph's College School building.

Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is an internationally recognized program that fosters success in higher education by encouraging students to develop critical thinking skills at the highest level. 

Grade 9

All students enrolled in academic-level English are introduced to pre-Advanced Placement curriculum. Science and Mathematics pre-Advanced Placement courses are congregated for qualifying students.

Grades 10 – 12

In Grades 10 and 11, students may apply to continue studying in the pre-Advanced Placement program in English, Mathematics and Science(s). In Grade 12, the Advanced Placement program is offered to qualifying students. These students have the choice to sit the International Advanced Placement exams in May, which are recognized by a number of universities.


Courses offered at the pre-advanced and/or advanced placement levels include:

  • AP Biology

  • AP Calculus

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP English

  • AP European History

  • AP Physics

  • AP Statistics