Left, three students in uniform listening in class. Middle, two students in uniform taking notes in class. Right, a student in uniform making crafts in class.

Dress Code

The Dress Code for Pupils Policy of the TCDSB reflects the mission of the Board to integrate Catholic Christian beliefs into the total learning experience.

All students at St. Victor wear a full uniform consisting of navy blue and white with our school logo embroidered on the tops, i.e. shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts. The pants and skirts do not have the logo, but must be navy and have no writing, logos or markings. (Denim pants are not part of the uniform.) Blue, black, or white running or dress shoes must be worn. We encourage our students to wear their uniforms with pride!

We will schedule one “non-uniform” day each month that will assist families with uniform upkeep.

Parents will be contacted when their child is out of uniform. Arrangements will be made for proper uniform clothing to be dropped off at the school. Unfortunately, this will cause inconveniences, therefore your full cooperation is requested to ensure that our students are dressed in appropriate uniform attire.