Seven uniformed elementary students listening to a teacher read a book

About Us

A Strong Foundation

St. Vincent de Paul is a friendly, challenging, and exciting school. We have a rich tradition as a spirited, forward-looking educational community that is a vital member of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. We offer programs for JK to Grade 8 that are consistent with the expectations of The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1 to 8. We strive to provide an exceptional education that will foster a passion for learning, creativity, and independent thinking. Participation in a variety of activities in class and beyond will help students to develop the desire to use their gifts in service to the community, and the confidence to pursue their goals and dreams. On this strong foundation St. Vincent de Paul Catholic school prepares its students to embrace the future!

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

Catholic Environment

Throughout the years, St. Vincent de Paul Church has developed a close bond with staff and students within the community and the parish priests make regular visits to all the classes. 

Catholic beliefs, doctrines and values form a strong foundation for students to build upon. Through religious instruction and family life programs, the faith development of the students becomes an integral part of their lives. Students' spiritual growth is further encouraged through liturgical celebrations, food drives, fundraising for various charities, including ShareLife, and performing community service. The teaching of conflict resolution in a reconciliatory manner is a part of the curriculum at all levels.

Safe and Welcoming Environment

  • To ensure the safety of all our students, parents / guardians are requested to call the school when their child will be absent or late.

  • Students are not permitted to leave school grounds during school hours without permission properly dated and signed each time by a parent or guardian.

  • The school has developed, through consultation with parents and teachers, a code of behaviour.
    It is included in the Student Agenda and is also available through the school office.

Curriculum Initiatives

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School offers programs from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 that are consistent with the expectations of The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1 - 8. Opportunities for enrichment as well as individual differentiation are provided for students at all levels as part of classroom programming.

The school offers an integrated special education model and the Empower program. The Empower program offers intense reading support for students who are struggling with decoding skills. Our integrated special education model allows students to work at their own level within the framework of curriculum requirements and in co-curricular activities.

Our extended French (Grades 5 through 8) and Instrumental Music programs feature prominently in the school's course profile. Computers (both networked and stand alone) are used in lab and individual settings to enhance curriculum and to assist in developing computer literacy. 

Co-curricular Activities

An important part of the curriculum is offered through field trips to outdoor education centres, provincial destinations and day trips within the city and community. Special events also play an important part in the students' lives. Participation in concerts, festivals, musicals and drama presentations help develop students' self-concept and confidence. Optional activities such as W5H, Mathematics contests, spoken and visual arts, chess and athletic activities are available to students who so desire. Parent sponsored after school programs include art, soccer and drama.