An image of a female holding and reading her mobile phone.

Dear TCDSB Community:

Please refer to the following information on our new Device Use policy.

Why Am I Receiving This Information?

You are receiving this information because the Ministry of Education has issued new direction to school boards affecting the use of electronic devices and access to social media at school.

How Does This Impact My Child?

These changes ensure a focused learning environment by managing electronic device usage during school hours.

Further Information:

The new Device Use policy outlines expectations for school community members regarding the use of any electronic device during the school day.

  • Students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 must ensure their devices are switched off or set to a silent mode and stored out of view during the school day/during instructional time (exceptions are outlined in the policy).

  • If a student is using a device during the school day/instructional time, the educator will instruct the student to put the device out of sight. If the student fails to comply with the direction, the student will be sent to the principal’s office.

  • When principals are addressing a student who fails to comply with an educator’s direction to place a device out of sight, the principal will exercise their discretion and consider a range of responses to address the student’s behaviour in alignment with the board’s Progressive Discipline policy.

  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to discuss this policy with their children.

  • Social media platforms are restricted on school networks and school devices.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Toronto Catholic District School Board