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It is our goal that each graduate will be an independent, resourceful and adaptable learner, who will earn entrance to, and succeed in, the post-secondary institution of his/her choice. To achieve this, our program of study is rigorous and structured, but flexible enough to recognize the diversity of individual abilities and interests.

At Archbishop Romero, the "basics" coupled with the Arts are important tools of learning and development. The music, art and drama tradition is alive and well at our school to enhance and enrich each student's educational experience.
The multicultural makeup of our school creates a dynamic environment for students to further develop self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills. We offer an extensive Cooperative Education program and a fully integrated English as a Second Language (ESL) and Special Education program. Recently introduced this year is a differentiated program for gifted students and students with advanced capabilities.

  • 4 year high school program
  • semestered program 9 – 12 except for core courses of math and english which run full year to facilite early learning in these areas.
  • diverse high school program with a variety of optional courses
  • Advanced Placement standing in Canadian and American Universities
  • GEMS program allows congregated classes in geography, english, math and science to engage in accelerated learning in twenty-first century classrooms.

We are in an age where exposure to technology is critical at all levels of education. At Archbishop Romero our main objective is to develop competence in computer technology for all our students. Our six computer labs are open all day, with experienced and qualified staff available to assist students.

  • six fully networked computer labs
  • fully networked wireless school facility
  • mobile chromebook and iPad labs
  • one media arts/communication technology Apple Macintosh computer lab
  • one student per machine in all computer classes
  • full credit optional course from grade 10 to 12 in applications and/or programming
  • application courses in all curricular areas
  • school - wide network access to the Internet and the World Wide Web