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Transition To Work Program


The  Transition To Work (T2W) Program provides students with special needs the opportunity to learn workplace skills in a supportive environment as they transition from secondary school experiences into the world of work pathway, while incorporating literacy and numeracy skills for everyday living. 


Monsignor Fraser College is currently inviting applications from high schools for our T2W ProgramWe will also be inviting schools to submit applications for students and families interested in accessing the T2W Program. 


This program is currently successful at meeting the transition needs of students at three of our locations:  Isabella, Midland, and the Norfinch campuses. Student work placements provide hands-on opportunities to learn while providing students with skills necessary to transition to community. There may be students who have come to your attention whose learning style and needs may be better addressed through a work experience program.  Students completing this program may transition to:


  • employment training programs
  • volunteerism
  • employment
  • college vocational programs


Students 18-20 years of age may stay one, two, or three years depending on transition goals and skill acquisition. Programs will emphasize life skills, job readiness and transition to community living, and future endeavors. The program is K-coded non-credit bearing.


Candidates to be considered are those who are ready to transition from a secondary high school setting to an alternative education setting while still part of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. The ideal student should have an IEP, is working towards the completion of a Certificate, is able to use the TTC independently or with little support, has previous Co-operative Education experience, and have cognitive and adaptive functioning skills within the 5th percentile (possible ODSP recipients).


To access this program, student candidates along with their parents and their special education teacher/guidance teacher are encouraged to complete an application package (see below), attend an intake meeting (SNAP), and participate in an intake interview. Presently, there is space in our Norfinch and Isabella programs and intake can occur for these two programs for this year on an individual student-needs basis.  


Interested schools must complete a program application and contact the following program leads to set up an intake meeting:


Norfinch Campus

Joseph D'Addario

45 Norfinch Drive

(416) 303-5588


Isabella Campus

James Mackasey

146 Isabella Street

416 393-5533


Midland Campus

Anne-Maria Ho Tseung

2900 Midland Avenue

416 393-5532


Intake Meetings for FALL 2020 programs are as follows:


  • Norfinch - Friday, February 7, 2020 (West-end program)
  • Isabella - Thursday, February 13, 2020 (Central-downtown)
  • Midland - Friday, February 7, 2020 (East-end Program)


T2W Program Guide.pdfT2W Program Guide.pdf

T2W Program Application Form.pdfT2W Program Application Form.pdf