The front of the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Academy school building

Dress Code

Students are expected to arrive and leave the school in full uniform, and must remain in full uniform throughout the day, including lunch time.

All students must wear a blue St. Joan of Arc Catholic Academy logo short-sleeve or long-sleeve golf shirt. A white or blue undershirt that is not visible may be worn under the golf shirt.

In the colder weather, students may choose to wear a crested school zip polo or school pullover sweater. Please note that the long or short sleeve golf shirt must be worn at all times, even when wearing the zip polo.

All students must wear plain, solid black below‑the‑ankle shoes. Any logos, striping or markings on the shoes are not allowed. No version of open-toe sandals, open shoes, or slippers is part of our uniform.

Female students must wear a kilt or grey dress pants only from McCarthy Uniforms. No jeans, cargo pants or tight pants are permitted. Dress pants are not to be altered to make them tight. With the pants, black or navy-blue socks must be worn. With the kilt, plain black/navy blue knee socks or black/navy blue opaque stockings/leotards must be worn at all times. The length of the kilt must be at or just above the knees.

Male students must wear grey dress pants only from McCarthy Uniforms. No cargo pants, jeans or “Dickies” are permitted. Dress pants are not to be altered to make them tight. Black/navy blue socks must be worn.

Hats and other head gear are not permitted to be worn in school. Bandanas or any material that covers the head/face/hair are not permitted to be worn or carried in school or on school property unless for religious reasons.

Jackets are to be worn only when entering or leaving the building (e.g., going to the portables).

Makeup and hair should be appropriate for school and consistent with the look of a school uniform.

Jewelry should be tasteful and in keeping with the values of a Catholic high school. Piercings must be plain, small, with simple studs or hoops. Necklaces must be inside clothing. Rosaries are not considered jewelry and must not be worn as such.

On non-uniform days logos/signs/symbols on shirts should be consistent with Catholic values; Students are not permitted to change in the halls or inside the gymnasium. If changing is required for Physical Education, Drama, etc, the full uniform should be worn to class and changes made in the location designated by the class teacher.

Purchase School Uniform

McCarthy Uniforms has a custom online store with fit videos, uniform guides and specialized advice. Visit their website for more information.

Dress Code in TCDSB Schools

All Secondary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt a Uniform Dress Code.

Parents are encouraged to review the local dress code at their child’s school and to direct their questions to the principal of the school.