First photo is of four Brebeuf students in uniform in science class. Second photo is of six Brebeuf students standing in front of the Brebeuf school building with jerseys over their school uniform that have the name and colours of the six school houses: Lalande, Jogues, Daniel, Lalemant, Chabanel, and Garnier. Third photo is of two Brebeuf students in uniform at a formal dinner event.

Specialist High Skills Major Programs

A Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture enables students to customize their high school experience to suit their interests and talents, to meet the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, and to prepare for a successful postsecondary transition to apprenticeship training, college, university or employment in the arts and culture sector. A SHSM enables students to gain sector-identified preparatory skills and knowledge, and to make informed career decisions.

Health and Wellness

Students in the Health and Wellness SHSM program will:

  • Gain knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and human development

  • Develop some fundamental skills in health and wellness, such as assisting with activities of daily living, taking vital signs and developing health promotion activities and exercise programs

  • Recognize the diversity of occupations in the sector and understand the role that each plays as a component of delivering a comprehensive and collaborative health and wellness plan

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Students in the ICT SHSM program will:

  • Hear and see first hand what a career in information and communications technology looks and feels like

  • Discover the connection between schools and careers

  • Network with post-secondary institutions, local industries and businesses

  • Gain self confidence and develop skills

  • Complete industry recognized certifications and training

  • Open doors for future employment

  • Earn a Red Seal designation on their Ontario Secondary School Diploma

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Arts and Culture

Students in the Arts & Culture program will:

  • Learn a variety of performance styles

  • Participate in workshops with industry professionals

  • Develop studio skills in a variety of traditional and emerging media

  • Incorporate digital technologies into the creative process

  • Develop transferable skills compatible with multiple pathways to all postsecondary destinations

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