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Guidance and Student Services

The goals of the Student Services Department are to provide students with opportunities to:

a) Formulate education plans consistent with their intellectual abilities, interests and personal goals.

b) Learn more about the world of work and employment opportunities suited to their interests and abilities.

c) Come to a fuller understanding of self, develop or enhance a positive self-image and explore ways of establishing successful relationships with others.

Counsellors accomplish these aims through personal counseling, group instruction and various administrative functions. They also draw on a variety of community, medical, educational and career resources as needed.

Each grade level is dealt with differently, reflecting the developmental needs of that particular age group. The focus in grade nine is on time management and study skills. Each student also meets with his/her assigned academic counsellor to start a portfolio. Parents are invited to contact counsellors at any time during the school year to arrange interviews in order to discuss matters of concern.

MPSJ Guidance Team: From left to right, Ms. C. Grilo (IB), Mr.  A. Gosio, Ms. M. Johnson, Mr. J. Morris, Ms. S. Harquail.

MPSJ Guidance Team: From left to right, Ms. C. Grilo (IB), Mr. A. Gosio, Ms. M. Johnson, Mr. J. Morris, Ms. S. Harquail.

Guidance & Counselling Contacts

  • Phone numbers: 416-393-5794 or 416-393-5529 (Press “3”)

  • Secretaries: Ms. M. Hashem & Ms. L. Querin

Our guidance staff is tiered by student's last names and whether they are in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Select the appropriate counsellor from the table below to schedule an appointment.


Last Names




All IB students

Ms. Grilo

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A - Dias

Ms. Johnson

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Diaz - Lesiuk

Mr. Gosio​

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Lewis - Ray

Mr. Morris​

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Rebello - Z

Mrs. Harquail

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Scheduling an Appointment

Scan the appropriate QR Code that corresponds to your "Last Name" or if you are in the "IB Program", or click on the name of the counsellor. Once you have requested an appointment, you will receive an email with a date & time to come down to you appointment. It is important that you frequently check your email.

Important Announcements/Dates/Events

Below are important dates and deadlines for students graduating in the 2022-2023 school year:

myBlueprint Education Planner

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The myBlueprint platform offers a comprehensive education and career/life planning program with the tools students need to make the most informed decisions about their future. This platform is available to over 400,000 students and is successfully implemented in thousands of elementary and secondary schools across Canada.

TCDSB Students can now use their school LogIn ID to login and access their myBlueprint account. To use the "Single Sign In" option for our students please use following link: