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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts


Ms Anne Bellissimo ​Principal
​Mr. Raymond J. Sanborn ​Vice Principal
​Mr Linton Soares ​Vice Principal



Mrs. D. DiRosa                         Head Secretary
Mrs. M. Garofalo                       Guidance Secretary
Ms. M. Thomson                       Attendance Secretary
Mrs. F. Gioffre                           Educational Assistant
Ms. D. Franschetti                     Child & Youth Care Worker                              
Mr. D. Antonucci                       Lunch Supervisor
Ms. S. Moodie                          Supervisor of Students
Ms. O. Fernandes                     Social Worker
Mr. A DiSantis                          Custodian
Mr. F. DiMarino                         Custodian
Mr. L. Reale                             Custodian

Mr. F. Trentadue                       Head Custodian

Mr. C. Small                             Theatre Manager 

TEACHING STAFF                   

Mrs. A. Anton                             Music-Band
Mr. T. Bahlibi                              Mathematics (Department Head)
Ms. D.M. Baratta                         Drama                      
Mr. C. Berwick                            English and Library (Department Head.)
Ms. M. Blais                               Science
Ms. K. Chalhoub                         French - Elementary, Secondary
Mr. V. Chiera                              Geography
Ms. S. Cicchino                         Science - Elementary, Secondary 
Ms. N. Dia                                Mathematics
Mr. K. D'Souza                          Chapliancy
Mr. B. Duckworth                       Guidance (Department Head)
Ms. J. Dunlop
Ms. M. Engenheiro (on leave)     Dance, Physical Education
Ms. M. Evered                           Music - Band (Department Head)
Mr. J. Flaim                               English
Ms. S. Gallah
Ms. D. Gassi                             Music-Strings
Ms J. Gee (on leave)                   Chaplaincy
Ms. S. Greco                             Mathematics
Mr. E. Hauser                            Music-Vocal
Mr. M. Huang                            Music-Vocal
Ms. D. Jennings                        Special Education                        
Mr. G. Kerr                               Science
Ms. J. Lava                               Dance
Ms. L. Libralato                          Drama, Guidance
Ms. C. Mann                              English, Law
Ms L. Mann-Foster                     Religion
Mr. L. Matthews                         Dance
Ms. T. Miceli                              Canadian and World Studies
Ms. I. Molino                              English
Ms. S. Mustacato                       Visual Arts, Technology
Mrs. L. Morris-Gandza                Elementary- English, Social Studies
Mr. S. Nadon                             Religion, Philosophy (Department Head)
Mr. D. Nargowalla                       Music
Ms. J Ng                                    Student Success
Ms. S. O’Brien                           Drama (Department Head)
Ms. A. Pagano                           Visual Arts
Ms. A. Parks                              Drama
Ms. J. Petrera(on leave)               Elementary, Canadian and World Studies
Ms. S. Petrini                             Special Education
Mr. V. Pileggi                             Physical Education
Ms. C. Pisterzi                            Dance, Elementary
Mr. M. Reyes                             English
Mr. V. Rizza                              Physical Education (Department Head)
Mrs. C. Rossi                            Technology, Multi-media 
Mr. L. Rossi                               Computer Studies, (Department Head)
Mrs. L. Russo                             Special Education
Mrs. S. DeFreitas-Schumacher   Science (Department Head) 
Mr. J. Simone                            Music 
Mr. D. Stevenson                       Elementary
Ms. L. Sytnyk                           Guidance
Ms. C. Tichy-Messere                  Math
Ms. M Vaira                                French (Department Head)
Mr. M. Vukasinovic                     Science
Mrs. T.Yantha(on leave)               Science