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April 8 and 9 2021


We are accepting applications for placement in grade 7 or 9 in September 2021. Students who missed the opportunity to apply in the art areas of Dance, Drama, Music: Band,Strings and Vocal may submit an application to our school.


School Application with supporting documentation  MUST be received by deadlineWed, March 31st, 2021 using ONE of the options below.  For individual arts requirements, please click on the tab to your left.


If you are interested in applying and would like an application please email:


1. In person between 9:00 am. to 3:30 pm. Monday to Friday.  

    Please use doors at the south east corner of our building,  

    ring bell.


2. By Registered Mail to the school: 36 Greenfield Ave,

    Toronto, Ontario, M2N 3C8



Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts has an audition process in order to receive an offer of admission. Students are required to audition in one of the following Arts programs:  Visual Arts, Drama, Dance or Music- Band, Music-Strings (classical strings – not Guitar),  and Vocal Music. Selection for admission is made based on a successful audition. ONLY one audition per applicant is granted, so please audition in your strongest area.

We are an Arts-focused school offering an integrated and accelerated Arts program from grades 7-12.  Our admission  entry years are primarily grades 7 and 9. Although, when we have any available spots, we do audition for other grades but this depends on space.  For admission in Gr. 7, the applicant must also meet the Admissions requirements for elementary school children as outlined in the TCDSB’s Admission policy.
Our next process for admission will begin in the Fall of 2020.Due to COVID restrictions, our OPEN HOUSE will be via a virtual zoom webinar.  During this evening you will receive all the relevant information for the application & audition process for admission to the 2021-2022 school year.
For further information, please contact Mrs. Dorothy Di Rosa  at our school  at 416-393-5556 or by e-mail at
Once again, I wish to clarify that all admissions in non-entry years are dependent on  availability.
Please call the school if you have any questions.