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All MPSJ students wishing to enroll in Remote Learning for Night courses please follow these instructions.  This session Night school will start Feb 22 or 23, 2021 and it will End on June 8 or 9, 2021

1. Take a look at the TCDSB Night Remote Learning School Flyer and determine which course you will be wanting to take.  Please be mindful of the session you wish to study in and acknowledge the start and end dates the courses. Also, the TCDSB reserves the right to cancel a class.  A preliminary list of cancelled courses will be available on Friday, February 19, 2021. It is the student's responsibility to check the TCDSB Continuing Education website for a list of all cancelled classes.


2021 Remote Learning Night School Flyer​

2. Download the registration form to your computer first.  After it has been downloaded, then fill out the TCDSB Saturday/Night Remote Learning School Registration Form with a Parent/Guardian and save it and email it to your Guidance Counsellor (see below). 

Please note:  You must download the blank form FIRST, save it, fill it out, save it, and then send it.


2021 Distance Learning Night School Registration Form (Fillable). pdf​

3. Once you have emailed the filled out registration form to your guidance counsellor, he/she will review it.  Your counsellor may need to have a follow up conversation with you (please clearly provide an email address and a phone #).  If everything seems to be in order your counsellor will register you and send a confirmation email.

See the below directory for your Guidance Counsellors email.


Last Names




A – C​opeland

Ms. Johnson



Cordeiro – Huo

Mr. Gosio


Huss – Mona

Mr. Morris


Monize – Santos

Mr. Roberts


Santulan – Z

Mrs. Harquail


Department Goals

The goals of the Student Services Department are to provide students with opportunities to:
  • formulate education plans consistent with their intellectual abilities, interests and personal goals.
  • learn more about the world of work and employment opportunities suited to their interests and abilities.
  • come to a fuller understanding of self, develop or enhance a positive self-image and explore ways of establishing successful relationships with others.
  • counsellors accomplish these aims through personal counseling, group instruction and various administrative functions. They also draw on a variety of community, medical, educational and career resources as needed.
Each grade level is dealt with differently, reflecting the developmental needs of that particular age group. The focus in grade nine is on time management and study skills. Each student also meets with his/her assigned academic counsellor to start a portfolio. Parents are invited to contact counsellors at any time during the school year to arrange interviews in order to discuss matters of concern.

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Guidance/Counselling Contacts


Phone numbers :
Guidance Department ( 416) 393-5794 or (416) 393-5529 press “3”

Secretaries : Ms. M. Hashem & Ms. L. Querin 


Guidance Counsellors​

Grade​​                    Last Names                             ​Couns​ellors​​

9-12​                     ​A - Copeland                           Ms. Johnson​

9-12​                     Cordeiro - Huo                        Mr. Gosio​

9-12​                     Huss - Mona​                            Mr. Morris​

9-12​                     Monize - Santos   ​                   Mr. Roberts​

9-12                     ​Santulan - Z​                             Mrs. Harquail​​

Dept Pic 2017.jpg
Mr. Gosio   -   Ms. Johnson   -   Mr. Morris   -   Mrs. Harquail   -   Mr. Roberts


 Child and Youth Worker


9-12​                     A - Z                           Ms. Petrini​