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TCDSB Continuing Education - Summer/Night/Saturday School


All MPSJ students wishing to enroll in 2022 SPRING Night School Secondary Online Courses please follow these instructions.  Courses offered are new credit courses. They are open to all high school students with the appropriate pre-requisites. Students may take a new credit or re-take a course previously taken to upgrade a mark.

Courses this year are only offered online as remote learning courses. These courses are offered through a mixture of synchronous (80%) and asynchronous (20%) instruction. The synchronous component of classes will be use either Brightspace D2L or Google Classroom with Zoom or Google Meets. Synchronous Learning occurs when the teacher interacts with a student or group of students in real-time either online or through other means in relation to the course content, lessons, or assessment tools. Students are expected to be connected to their class during the posted times.

There are five Gr 12 courses that are being offered via the E-Class (D2L) Platform, which are Asynchronous Learning and does not ocur in Real-Time. (see flyer for details) 

All students will be required to complete a final assessment. Students who are unable to fulfill this condition will be considered to have not completed the course. The TCDSB reserves the right to cancel or relocate a class. A preliminary list of cancelled courses will be available on February 22nd. It is the student's responsibility to check our website for a list of all cancelled and relocated classes.


Students are expected to log in for sychronous distance learning activities and lessons during the posted days and times. Regular attendance and punctuality are mandatory. Students who do not log in on the first session of classes may forfeit their place in the course. To report an absence, please notify your teacher.



1. Take a look at the 2022 SPRING SEMESTER Night School Flyer  and determine which course you will be wanting to take. Also, the TCDSB reserves the right to cancel a class.  Based on enrollment, courses will be cancelled or redirected on February 22.  Course availability will be posted on the TCDSB Continuing Education website at​ 

Registration closes for Night School on March 4th. THERE IS NO ONSITE REGISTRATION​


2. Download the registration form to your computer first.  After it has been downloaded, then fill out the TCDSB 2021 Night/Saturday School Registration Form with a Parent/Guardian and save it and email it to your Guidance Counsellor (see below). 

Please note:  

You must download the blank form FIRST, save it, fill it out, save it, and then send it.  

It is advised that you open the file and ensure that it is all saved properly before you send it.


2021 Remote Learning Night School Registration Form (Fillable).pdf2022 Remote Learning Night School Registration Form (Fillable).pdf

3. Once you have emailed the filled out registration form to your guidance counsellor, he/she will review it.  Your counsellor may need to have a follow up conversation with you (please clearly provide an email address and a phone #). It will also be very helpful if you include your personal cell phone number in the body of the email sent to your counsellor or on the registration form.

If everything seems to be in order your counsellor will register you and send a confirmation email.

See the below directory for your Guidance Counsellors email.​


Last Names




A – Dias

Ms. Johnson



Diaz  - Lesiuk

Mr. Gosio


Lewis – Ray

Mr. Morris


Rebello - Z

Mrs. Harquail​



Ms. Grilo