First image features a team of male volleyball students. Second image consists of a male student in uniform in a woodworking class. Third image consists of a group of students standing in front of a school bus. The forth image consists of a group of students playing musical instruments.

Educational Services

Support for all students is a hallmark of our philosophy at Bishop Allen Academy. The staff in the Educational Services Department is committed to providing the necessary support in a caring and compassionate manner and strives to ensure success for all of their students.

Who can Use Resource Services?

  • Students formally identified through an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC).

  • Students receiving remedial support in Grade 8.

  • Students enrolled in Grade 9 Learning Strategies classes.

How are Services Determined?

  • Based on IPRC summaries.

  • Based on exchange of information meetings.

  • Based on Individual Education Plans and ongoing parent communication.

What Services are Available?

  • Each student will be supported by a resource teacher.

  • Dialogue between home and school is always welcome (phone: 416-393-5549 ext. 6046).

  • Some students will be supported by an educational assistant in class resource centre available before school, during classes and lunches, and after school.

  • Accommodations can include: clarification and/or extra time for tests and assignments; NCR paper for note taking; proofreading/editing of work; peer helper in class; scribing; introduction to new technologies for students with learning disabilities (e.g.: Kurzweil Reader; Dragon Speak; scanners; networked computer labs).

  • Personal interviews to monitor progress.

  • Modified curriculum as needed.

  • Peer tutoring centre.

  • Books on CD.

  • Support from itinerant support teams from Toronto Catholic District School Board.