First image features a team of male volleyball students. Second image consists of a male student in uniform in a woodworking class. Third image consists of a group of students standing in front of a school bus. The forth image consists of a group of students playing musical instruments.


The focus of the Bishop Allen Library program is to foster the 3 areas of expertise students require to be successful in the 21st century:


Bishop Allen students are taught how to access reliable online and print resources. They are also taught how to be responsible digital citizens, through ethical academic decision-making and conscientious social networking.


“Reading is a window to the world,” and at Bishop Allen, students are encouraged to read a broad variety of material available from our collection of over 10,000 fiction and non-fiction books and our ever-growing access to databases and e-books.


The Bishop Allen Library has traditionally been a centre for outreach, encouraging students to connect with their community and seek for opportunities for personal growth.

The Bishop Allen Library is the proud host of the annual Festival of the Word, a week-long event where acclaimed authors and speakers are invited to share their stories with students.

In keeping with the library’s mandate to foster personal growth, the Bishop Allen Library also sponsors the HIPE breakfast, where students are recognized and celebrated for their efforts to make positive change.