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Guidance and Counselling

The aim of the Student Services Department is to help students in three major areas:

Course Selection

Students are encouraged to review the following course selection resources:

Course Changes

Students are advised to choose their courses carefully. It is very difficult, and often impossible to change courses once scheduling has been completed. Course selections authorized by student and parent signatures are viewed as firm commitments for the entire year.

In order to change a course, students must fill out a Timetable Change Request form in Student Services. Students are advised to follow the schedule they were given until any changes are made.

The deadline for course change requests is the first Monday after each semester begins. After the deadline for course change requests, the Principal's approval is required.

Dropping Courses

If Grade 12 students decide to drop a course, they are required to immediately inform the subject teacher. The student then initiates an appointment with their assigned Guidance Counsellor. This conference is meant to verify the schedule change, adjust the period attendance, alter the student's timetable, and arrange for the return of the subject texts.

Failure to comply with the course drop policy may result in the final grade being calculated as part of the student's average. In accordance with the Ministry of Education's Policy on Full Disclosure, any course dropped 5 days after mid-term will remain as a permanent record on the student's transcript.

The mark recorded will be the student's mark at the time of withdrawal. Grade 12 students are expected to carry a full course load of 8 subjects and may only drop a course after mid-term, following the procedures outlined above. Grade 9, 10 and 11 students may not drop any courses.

Community Involvement

Students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service activities as part of the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, but community service is more than just a diploma requirement for our students. As a Catholic community, we are called to apply Catholic social teachings in all that we do, to be people who “transform the world through witness, faith, innovation, and action”.

The purpose of the student community service requirement is to foster an awareness and understanding of social and civic responsibility and to grow in Christian calling to service and reflection.

Students can begin to accumulate volunteer hours during the summer break before they enter Grade 9. Once the student completes all or a significant part of the 40 hours, the completed community hours tracking form should be submitted to the Guidance office.

Students who are in their graduating year are strongly encouraged to finish their hours by May 1 of their graduating year, to ensure that this information is available to both the University and College Application Centres. Any hours completed after the end of June are too late to be sent to the application centres and conditional acceptances could be revoked.

Students can use the form below to submit their community involvement hours: