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About Us

Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School was established in the spring of 1985. Our school was named for Father John Redmond, a Basilian priest, educator and prominent national track and field coach. Our roots are clearly embedded in the Basilian motto of “Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge.”

As Father Redmond’s mandate was to educate the “whole student”, we remain faithful to that legacy. We are, indeed, a school of excellence, with our main foci being the “Triple A” approach to education: Academics, Arts and Athletics.​

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students​

The fundamental mandate of any Catholic school is to create a strong, rich Catholic environment, which is faithful to the philosophy and beliefs of the church. At Father Redmond Catholic Secondary School, we have attempted to fulfill this responsibility by:

  • Hiring strong, caring and supportive staff.

  • Fostering cooperation, consideration and mutual respect among administration, staff, support staff and students.

  • Making staff and students aware of the importance of modeling and giving witness to Catholic Christian behaviour and attitudes.

  • Encouraging participation by all students in such activities as food drives, community volunteerism and school liturgies.

  • Encouraging students to set aside time for personal prayer.

  • Seeking feedback from the internal and external community to gain some insight into the degree to which we are succeeding in the fulfilling of our obligation.

Father Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre offers a varied co-curricular program. We participate in most athletic activities sponsored by the Toronto District Catholic Athletic Association (TDCAA) . Each year we put on a musical, dramatic performance, singing and dancing performance in addition to other shows put on by our RAP students. Our school participates in the Sears Drama Festival every year. Some of the other activities include debating, public speaking, yearbook, school newspaper and language clubs.

At Father Redmond Catholic Secondary School, we firmly believe that our mandate is best fulfilled by a strong curricular and co-curricular program rooted in a clear Catholic education philosophy which has as its goal the spiritual, intellectual and social development of the entire person while recognizing the unique needs of each individual.


At Father John Redmond, we strive to create an environment where every student can learn and be successful. Our talented and dedicated faculty work diligently to make courses engaging and accessible to all learners. We offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses in some disciplines to those students who wish to challenge themselves and learn university-level material in high school. Our strong Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC) is evidence of the bond between school and community, as we work together in a mutually supportive and respectful relationship to educate your child.


In 2005, the school officially became the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB)’s first Regional Art Centre and our school facility was specifically built to house our new Arts Centre. “Ars Gratia Artis” is very much the philosophy embedded in our curriculum designed for creative minds. Today, our school’s full name is Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre.

We boast a second-to-none Art Department for our students in the comprehensive program as well, who also benefit from our state-of-the-art facility.

Each year our students are involved in several performances for our community such as an annual Drama, Musical, Christmas Concert, Song and Dance Extravaganza as well as many other entertainment evenings showcasing our students’ artistic talents.​


“Mens sana in corpore sano” - "A sound body in a sound mind" - is what we believe contributes to the wellness of the whole student. We embrace Father Redmond’s legacy of sportsmanship, fair play and perseverance in developing young men and women who are strengthened intellectually, physically and spiritually. Our athletics include Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Track and Field, Volleyball and more.

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