A picture consists of 3 images: left image has a female dancer performing on stage; the middle image consists of a band performing; right image has 2 students performing in a play.

Regional Arts Program

The regional arts program (RAP) at Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School aims to enrich and expand the God-given creative potential of our students in a vibrant and inspiring environment of Catholic values.

We aim to develop a widespread appreciation, support and involvement with the arts and to advance individual technical skills to a level of excellence.

We offer a package of eight specialized arts courses over four years to students talented in Dance, Drama, Music (band, strings, vocal), or visual arts. Successful graduates will receive a specialized Arts certificate.

Small class sizes, individual attention, group rehearsals, and performances both in and out of school constitute a substantial part of the top-quality training supplied through our regional arts syllabus.


Admission to the Regional Arts Program (RAP) is by audition only.

Students interested in applying to an arts discipline must apply using our online application system.

Refer to our Admission Handbook for more information on application, audition and course offerings.

Audition Guidelines - Fall 2023