Group of Francis Libermann students in uniform sitting in a circle around the library, in a discussion with the librarian.

Specialty Programs

In a student-centred environment, we focus on active learning, reflection and collaboration. At Francis Libermann Catholic High School, there is an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, experiential learning, extensive co-curricular programs and service projects.

Staff develop curriculum and plan learning opportunities in a collaborative and professional environment. Furthermore, the teachers at Francis Libermann employ a range of instructional methodologies including lectures, seminars, labs, small group work, independent study and one-on-one instruction in order to meet the academic needs of each student.

Supported by cutting edge and innovative classroom technology, a variety of special programs are offered to meet the diverse learning needs of students within the Libermann community.

Programs Offered

The following programs are available to our students:

In addition, the following specialty programs are available to students: