Group of Francis Libermann students in uniform sitting in a circle around the library, in a discussion with the librarian.

Student Services

Welcome to Francis Libermann Catholic High School’s Student Services Department.

The Student Services Department is invested in the holistic development of each student. Through a cross-curricular approach, we work closely with Co-operative Education, Career Studies, Student Success and Special Education Departments to encourage and support student achievement.

We maintain an inclusive environment by providing a warm and welcoming place for students to visit throughout the day.

We encourage students to be active participants in their academic planning and provide them with the tools to make informed choices in order to succeed in life after high school.

Our Services

The aim of the Student Services Department is to help students in three major areas:

Student Development: Students will learn to set and achieve learning goals, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to understand how they learn best. Assistance with study skills, time management, problem solving, and course selection will help in this process. Student Services maintains up-to-date information on school to work transition, apprenticeship, colleges, universities and scholarship opportunities.

Interpersonal Development: Interacting positively with others in a variety of situations both within and beyond the school is an important part of student development. Counsellors act as a liaison on behalf of students, offering assistance and support with peers, teachers, parents, and when necessary, community agencies.

Career Exploration and Planning: Students are strongly encouraged to begin career exploration as soon as possible so that they will be informed and able to make appropriate choices. The Student Services Department provides classroom presentations, career panels, interest inventories, and career information sessions and maintains a wide variety of online materials for student use. A Career Studies course offered in Grade 10 is a mandatory graduation requirement.

Diploma Requirements

Learn what you need to graduate: