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Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program at Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School is one that is established and continues to grow. Students with a solid academic foundation and strong work ethic will achieve success in AP classes.

AP courses support students whose interests guide their learning. Students who are self-directed, independent, motivated, and willing to share their passion with others are encouraged to apply.

AP courses allow highly motivated students the opportunity to cover the Ontario Curriculum while preparing to write a first year university level exam in Grade 11 and/or Grade 12. Students who do well on these AP exams may be eligible to earn a university transfer credit as they have shown proficiency in first year university material.

First started in 1956, there are currently 160 countries participating with 2.6 million students writing 4.7 million exams. 29,000 students wrote AP exams in 660 schools across Canada.

The AP Program at Loretto Abbey has been an amazing experience that has not only allowed me to grow as a student, but has helped me to develop into the learner that I am today. Because of its challenging nature, this program has pushed me to be hard-working, while also helping me to develop bonds with students who have the same mentality and focus as myself. Every step of the way, my teachers have provided me with guidance and, because of this, the AP Program has given me skills that will help me to excel in University. - M. Lo


Why Be a Part of the AP Program?

Pre-AP/AP Courses:

  • Align with the Ontario Curriculum.

  • Offer enriched experiences in a supportive environment.

  • Provide opportunities for students to engage with their passions and interests.

  • Allow students to learn alongside others who share their interests in the discipline.

  • Build on skills and habits of mind needed for post-secondary success.

  • Build academic portfolios that help with post-secondary admissions.

  • Prepare students to write AP Exams that can lead to a university credit.

I have chosen to continue with AP courses because I love the challenge they provide me and I know that they will help me be better prepared for university. In AP courses, the teachers motivate us to go beyond expectations as they encourage us to ask questions and find meaning in our work - Ariel C.


What Are Pre-AP Courses?

Pre-AP courses are offered in Grades 9 and 10 to help students prepare for AP courses in Grades 11 and 12. Throughout these courses of study, teachers build on important skills and concepts that will lead to success in future years beyond the secondary level.

Available Pre-AP & AP Courses

Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School is proud to offer our current range of 25 pre-AP and AP courses. Depending on how many classes students choose, they can write up to 9 AP exams and submit 2 AP portfolios during Grades 11 and 12. Students often choose to write exams that are not offered as AP courses within our school, such Environmental Science or Psychology, pending admin approval.

Refer to our AP Program flyer for course offerings.

Application Process

To be considered for the Advanced Placement program at Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School, students must first apply to Loretto Abbey and be accepted into the school.

Upon acceptance, students will receive further information alongside their registration packages in order to select the pre-AP courses that interest them.

AP courses have allowed me to be in a class with like-minded people. As well, the enrichment opportunities I have had because of AP have enriched my knowledge. Being able to learn at an accelerated pace has made my AP courses, both last year and this year, my favourite classes. - S. Harriman