The front entrance of Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School.

Traffic Protocol

As a result of an ongoing issue with traffic congestion in front of the school during student drop-off and pick-up times, we kindly ask parents/guardians/family members to follow the one-way traffic flow to ensure the safety of everyone.

Please Note:

  • There is no drop-off/pick-up on McGlashan Ct.

  • Please do not drive onto McGlashan Ct, do not use the circular driveway on Mason Blvd., do not use back Parking Lot.

  • No U-Turns anywhere. No blocking driveways.

  • Please have your child exit/enter the vehicle as quickly as possible to keep traffic moving.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Please drop-off/pick-up students in front of the parkette on Mason Blvd., south of McGlashan Ct. (See map below).

drop off and pick up area for Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School