Priest consecrating chalice during mass

All Saints Day

November 1 is All Saints Day.

TCDSB Resources for All Saints and All Souls Day


The Archdiocese of Toronto has provided the infographic below regarding All Saints Day.

What is All Saints Day? A liturgical solemnity in honour of all the saints in heaven, known and unknown. We celebrate every year on November 1st.  Why do we celebrate saints? The church canonizes saints and celebrates their lives: 1. To encourage asking their help and prayers. 2. So that their lives become a model for us to imitate. 3. Because they give us reassurance: "If Christ can do it in them, He can do it in me!"  Source:  How does one become a saint? All Christians are candidates for sainthood. Anyone who has lived a life of great charity and held Christian heroic virtues worthy of imitation can become a saint.  Stage 1: Wait Five Years A person is only considered for sainthood if five years have passed since their death, allowing for time to examine their life (This step can be waived by the Pope).  Stage 2: Become Venerable With the help of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the Pope has to formally recognize a deceased person as having lived a life of heroic virtues or martyrdom (This is a very long process of scrutiny).  Stage 3: Become Blessed (Beatification) Once venerable, a posthumous miracle must be attributed to his or her intercession (This requirement can be waived for martyrs or those who died for their religious cause).  Stage 4: Become Saint (Canonization) To be recognized as a saint, the blessed must be responsible for a second miracle after their beatification.