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Curriculum Resources​

Catholic Schools are vital and privileged places where students critically engage in a dialogue between faith and culture, not only during Religious Education lessons, but in all curriculum and events of the day.

Through the Religion and Family Life Programs, students will deepen their understanding of Catholic traditions, roles of Christian service, vocations, and responsible participation in the political and social spheres of community life.

It is with this knowledge that students of Catholic Schools learn to live virtuous lives of service to the poor and vulnerable in their communities and abroad, mirroring the life of service of Jesus Christ.

The Religion and Family Life program was developed by the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) in partnership with bishops, Catholic parents associations, and educators. View the curriculum content and expectations, as well as parent resources.

Across all subject areas, grades, and extracurricular activities, students will be given opportunities to develop and meet the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, and to promote the principles of Catholic Social Teaching​.

In addressing contemporary issues in the curriculum, we recommend reviewing the Institute for Catholic Education monograph series.

To enrich curriculum learning and nurture faith formation, explore program resources connected to the following areas: