Missal stand holding a lectionary on top of an altar.

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General Inquires

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Email: ncc.team@tcdsb.org

Department Contacts

Michael Caccamo
Email: michael.caccamo@tcdsb.org
Phone: 416-222-8282 ext. 2374

Emily Diamanti
Officer for Nurturing Our Catholic Community
Email: emily.diamanti@tcdsb.org  
Phone: 416-222-8282 ext. 2374

Religion/Family Life Resource Teachers

Audrey Ferrer
Areas 1 &2
Email: audrey.ferrer@tcdsb.org

Annamaria Di Paolo
Areas 3 & 4
Email: aznivmarie.jorge@tcdsb.org

Anne Afheldt
Areas 5 & 6 (Interim)
Email: susan.hookong-taylor@tcdsb.org

Veronica Tuzi
Areas 7 & 8
Email: veronica.tuzi@tcdsb.org

Catholic Teachers' Centre

Fr. Michael Lehman
Email: michael.lehman@tcdsb.org
Phone: 416-222-8282 ext. 2557 

Lisa Malcolm
Email: lisa.malcolm@tcdsb.org
Phone: 416-222-8282 ext. 2362

Catholic Student Leadership

Azniv Jorge
Email: aznivmarie.jorge@tcdsb.org