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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Admissions And Registration

Information and Application to Grade 9

TCDSB Admission Policies

Grade 8 students who apply to Bishop Allen Academy will be admitted, if space is available. However, in recent years, the number of applications to Bishop Allen Academy has exceeded the number of spaces available; thus, it has not been possible to admit all applicants. In general, applicants whose elementary schools are closest in proximity to Bishop Allen Academy are given offers of admission.

Proximity is not a factor in admission to the Congregated Advanced Placement program at Bishop Allen Academy. Please refer to the section on the selection criteria and application process for admission to the Congregated Advanced Placement program. All motivated, high achieving students, regardless of geographic area, are invited to apply.

Admission to the French Immersion program is offered to those students who have completed an elementary early French Immersion program ( SK to Grade 8 ). Admission to the French Extended program is offered to students who have completed the elementary middle French Immersion program.

If a student is not offered admission to the regular Ontario program at Bishop Allen Academy due to over subscription, the redirection process begins, with every student being offered an alternative placement at the closest TCDSB secondary school that still has available space. The student then has the option of accepting the redirection or remaining on the waiting list for Bishop Allen.

Application Forms and Timelines

Grade 8 students who attend a TCDSB elementary school will receive an application form from the Grade 8 teacher in early November. The form is to be completed and returned to the Grade 8 teacher by the end of November. The Grade 8 teacher then forwards the applications to the Admissions and Placement Department of the TCDSB.

Those not attending a Grade 8 elementary school of the TCDSB may obtain an application form at the Grade 8 Information Evening and Open House on the first Wednesday in November or may contact the principal at Bishop Allen Academy. Applications are to be completed and returned by the end of November.

Applications submitted after November will be considered if space becomes available.

According to Board policy, decisions on applications may not be released before a date at the end of February to be set by the Board.

Congregated Advanced Placement Program...Selection Criteria and Application Process

Bishop Allen Academy is the TCDSB Regional Centre for the Congregated Advanced Placement Program. 
Please note:
1.  All students, even those outside the Bishop Allen area, are eligible to apply.
2.  An application in addition to the Board application is required and must be returned to Bishop Allen.  The application involves the submission of other documents such as previous report cards, CAT 3 or EQAO scores, and principal/teacher confidential reports.