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Community Use of Schools (Permits)
i.   Facility usage fees;
ii.  Supervision fees;
iii. Processing fees;
iv. Recovery of Direct Costs.

Permits are divided into three categories. Category A permits will be provided at no charge. Category B permits will be provided at reduced charges. Category C permits will pay the full permit rates.

Cate​gory A

(a) The use of facilities for the celebration of the Eucharist, Catholic religious services or instruction, and education activities approved by the Director of Education.

Cate​gory B

(a) The use of facilities for registered charitable organizations.

(b) B1- Not-For-Profit as funded by Community Use of School from Ministry of Education.

Categ​ory C

(a) All others. You can find more information in our Permit Rates and Applicable fees document​.