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Partnership Development Department


The Partnership Development Department pursues partnerships to support Board-wide initiatives and projects that are consistent with TCDSB vision and mission, policies and procedures and Catholic gospel values.  The Department manages partnership programs and is the point of contact for external organizations that want to present partnership opportunities to the TCDSB. 


The TCDSB realizes the community can play a very distinct role in the development of children; and is interested in building school-business relationships based on sound principles and values that can contribute significantly to the quality of its students’ education.  The focus of the Board falls on relationship-building and social responsibility. 


TCDSB partnerships exist within, and across, many sectors and include individuals, businesses, interest-based organizations, post-secondary institutions, governments and community organizations.
Post-Secondary Institutions Placement Requests in TCDSB Schools
All post-secondary students requesting placements in TCDSB schools; are requested to complete and submit a student placement request form. 

Requests by External Organizations to Use TCDSB Resources to Deliver Marketing Material to TCDSB Schools

All external individuals or organizations requesting TCDSB to use its resources to deliver their marketing materials, presentations, information, etc. to TCDSB schools, students or staff, or requesting similar information from TCDSB, are requested to complete and submit an application.



TCDSB Protocol for Partnerships with External Agencies for Provision of Services by Regulated Health Professionals, Regulated Social Service Professionals and Paraprofessionals 

Partnerships with an external mental health or social service agency, professional or paraprofessional are recognized as mutually beneficial and supportive arrangements.  The intent of these partnerships is to enhance or expand opportunities for student success by collaborating with agencies, professionals and paraprofessionals who share values, objectives, resources and responsibilities to achieve desired learning outcomes