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Community Planning and Partnership

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is committed to providing the best educational opportunities and enhancing the learning environment in its schools for the elementary and secondary school-age population of the City of Toronto.

Community partnerships benefit the Board, students and community while having the potential to reduce facility operating costs and maximize the efficient utilization of Board assets. 

The Ministry of Education developed the Community Planning and Partnerships (CPP) Guideline to encourage school boards to reach out to community organizations to share planning information with community organizations on a regular basis.  The sharing of information may lead to:

  • Facility partnerships involving unused space on all existing school sites or in existing facilities.

  • Facility partnerships in capital projects such as construction of new schools, additions and significant renovations.

Boards are encouraged to ensure that additional efforts are made to share this information with community organizations prior to commencing a Pupil Accommodation Review.

Criteria for Selection

Criteria for the selection of potential facility partners must align with the mission and vision of the Board and shall:

  • Respect the values of the Board and the Catholic faith, expressions and symbols.

  • Support the health and safety of students and staff.

  • Support the student achievement strategy of the Board.

  • Be compatible with the host facility and the Board.

  • Not interfere with the day-to-day operations and activities of the host facility and the Board.

  • Not be a competing education service provider.

  • At a minimum, be based on full cost-recovery to the Board.

  • Provide financial statements showing financial viability of its organization.

  • Agree to operate in accordance with Board policies.

  • Enter into a lease, license, or joint-use/partnership agreement with the Board.

  • Agree to all staff working on Board premises being subject to a criminal background check.

  • If it is the City of Toronto, provide population projections, growth plans, community needs, land-use and green space/park requirements.

Programs, services and organizations that support TCDSB Multi-Year Strategic Plan have a priority among external requests for space.

Operating Schools with Potential Surplus Space

Funded Capital Priorities for Potential Partnerships 

Non-Operating School Properties for Potential Partnerships

Sports Fields 

The Board is looking to partner with organizations and agencies for the joint development and use of sports fields at its elementary and secondary schools. If interested, please contact us to determine the availability and suitability of the site.  

Application Process

After reviewing the Community Planning and Partnerships Policy, interested organizations are required to complete and submit the application form.

Contact Us

For information or questions regarding applying for space under the Community Planning and Partnership policy, please contact us.