Banner - Group photos of the science fair participants

A big congratulations to our Francis Libermann CHS students who participated in the Toronto Science Fair.

2 Bronze, 1 Silver, 2 Gold medals and a team going to the Canada-Wide Science Fair taking place in Edmonton! Way to go Falcons!

Congratulations Falcons! - Group photo of Libermann students who participated in the science fair and Libermann staff - Congrats to our Falcons who participated in the Toronto Science Fair on Saturday, April 2nd!

Congratulations Falcons - Participants: Esther M. and Alena C. - Object Detection - Deborah A. and Varna L. - Man-eating pineapples - Bronze medals: Adrian A. and Vincent C. - Ready, Set Grow! - Gavin P. and Hanz P. - Does AI See How We See? - Silver medals: Jayden L. and Kayla S. - Testing Aerodynamics of Small Vehicles - Gold medal: Danielle O. and Jasmine B. - SCOBY Leather - Gold Medal and CWSF berth - Plus $1000 admission scholarship to University of Ottawa for both - Youmna A. and Samantha P. - The Framework that Survives Hurricanes