Missal stand holding a lectionary on top of an altar

Year 3 - With Minds of Justice and Peace

A drawing of two hands outstretched together in prayer, with the text below "With Minds of Justice and Peace"


As we move into the third year of our board pastoral plan, we anticipate Walking with Christ, with minds of justice and peace.

Walking with Christ with minds of justice and peace is a transformative journey that includes our thoughts, actions, and beliefs. It involves reflecting on the teachings of Jesus Christ and embodying the principles of justice and peace in all aspects of our lives.

To walk with Christ means to follow His example, to cultivate a deep and personal relationship with Him. Christ's life was characterized by love, compassion, and righteousness. He stood against injustice and sought to uplift the marginalized and oppressed. By walking with Christ, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of justice and peace.

Having a mind of justice means recognizing the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. It requires treating others with fairness, equality, and respect, regardless of their background, race, gender, or social status. Jesus consistently challenged societal norms and prejudices, breaking down barriers and embracing all people. Walking with Christ with a mind of justice compels us to advocate for the rights of the oppressed, to speak out against discrimination, and to work towards a more equitable society.

Walking with Christ with a mind of peace involves pursuing harmony, reconciliation, and non-violence in our relationships and interactions. Jesus taught us to be peacemakers, to seek reconciliation and forgiveness. By embracing justice and peace, we become ambassadors of Christ's love and compassion. May we all embark on this journey, allowing Christ to guide us as we walk with minds of justice and peace.