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PLEASE USE THE LEFT HAND NAVIGATION TO ACCESS RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS, STUDENTS, AND PARENTS/GUARDIANS, AND Mental Health Partnerships at TCDSB 2017-18.web - Copy.pdfMental Health Partnerships at TCDSB 2017-18.web - Copy.pdf



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General Information and Community Support

Become familiar with these websites as they routinely update information about local events and resources.  Your regional public health unit will have a number of resources and workshops as well.


Classroom Resources

A number of excellent, free resources.  See especially.  "Stress Toolkit" which can be ordered for free from psychology foundation (young elementary level) Cymhin site provides an online copy of the "Making a Difference" teacher's guide.


Resources for Teenagers



These youth-driven websites provide numerous resources and ideas that can be used by students for both personal and educational purposes. 


Evidence Based School Intervention Programs


The first two links are our provincial partners who are continuously working on reviewing and developing school based resources. Each of these sites provides an extensive resource guide on evidence-based practices relevant to the school setting.


Stigma Reduction Ideas

You Tube Videos                                                             Change Mental Health

It's time to Talk (TV Ad) - 1:00 min

Walk This Way Together

Bethany Hamilton - Tell Her Story

Dynamo - The Magic of Life

Jamal Edwards - Opening Doors                                                                                                                 

These You Tube vides would be more appropriate for senior elementary and secondary students
Optimism and Resiliency

You Tube Videos                                                                          Review - Search 'happiness'    

School A to Z:  Building Your Child's Resilience

Coping & Resilience - Dr. Sandra Parker 

Emotional Resiliency Animation

Resiliency with Dr. Wayne Hammond                                         

Be sure to search You Tube videos by the full titles given.