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Education Community Partnership Program


In order to facilitate the re-entry/transition process back to the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), the following re-admission process will be followed.

  • ​Principal on assignment for Education Community Partnership Programs will arrange update meetings with regard to the students who have received the necessary amount of intervention in November and February of each school year.

  • In order to locate the best program for Education Partnership Program students, the agency will inform the Education Partnership Program principal immediately after a determination is made that the student will be demitted. The Education Community Partnership Program teacher will forward the TCDSB Education Partnership Program Demission Form to the Education Partnership Program principal.

  • The Education Partnership Program principal will contact the appropriate contact to facilitate the reintegration of the student within the TCDSB or the TDSB. For the TCDSB this would be a member of the Behavioral team, JTM or Program Coordinator.  For the TDSB contact would be made with the TDSB Education Partnership Program admin team.

  • An observation/case conference will be set up while the student is in the therapeutic setting to facilitate the re-entry.

  • ​After this case conference has occurred the lead person will contact the appropriate Program Coordinator, Behavioral team member or Education Partnership Program liaison staff who will explore the options of regular class, special education class or behavioral class. If another Education Partnership Program day treatment program or residential setting is recommended, the agency will keep the lead person informed and seek assistance from the lead person as required.

A timeline for reintegration will be established and communicated back to the agency by the Education Community Partnership Program.