The word “wellness” spelled out with wooden blocks.

Strategy and Policy

Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB)’s commitment to student wellbeing and achievement figures prominently in its Board Learning Improvement Plan (BLIP).

Learn more about our mental health and well-being strategy and policy.

Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy

TCDSB’s BLIP incorporates student well‐being and achievement as one of its primary system goals. This strategy is part of a larger board vision to craft safe, healthy, engaging and inclusive schools, and aims to support the overall TCDSB Board Learning Improvement Plan.

Student engagement is contingent to a large degree upon student mental health and wellbeing. Student mental health is inextricably tied to student engagement and achievement. This strategy recognizes that mental health is critical in the promotion of student success and wellbeing. TCDSB’s Mental Health Strategy will endeavour to address this fundamental area in an effort to assist our students to reach their fullest potential.

Mental Health and Well–Being Policy

Our Mental Health and Well–Being Policy policy affirms the TCDSB’s commitment to build awareness about mental health concerns affecting students, and to guide the response to critical mental health issues impacting students. The care and support of our students is the collective responsibility of all members of our Catholic community.