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About Us

In a very special way, St. Michael’s Choir School embodies some of the best aspects of both private and public education. In recent years, both the elementary and secondary divisions have ranked at the very top of surveys of the quality of Ontario’s publicly funded schools. In terms of its academic achievement and overall reputation, St. Michael’s Choir School is compared very favorably with some of the most prestigious private schools in the Toronto area.

St. Michael’s Choir School is a unique collaboration between the Archdiocese of Toronto and the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). With an enrollment of 280 boys, the school offers a complete curriculum of academic studies for Grades 3 to 12, including French immersion, language, social sciences, mathematics, and science. In addition, through a unique enrichment program, students can broaden their studies beyond the traditional curriculum and classroom setting.

Liturgical music is at the centre of the Choir School; we are one of only six choir schools in the world affiliated with the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music. Each student participates in one of the school’s four choirs. Every weekend for 10 months of the year, the Junior and Senior choirs (Grades 5 through 12) provide the service music at St. Michael’s Cathedral . All students are also required to study classical piano and theory, and have the option to study a secondary instrument (organ, strings, or guitar).

While meeting the highest standards of the school board and the Ontario Ministry of Education, the curriculum is also distinguished by a strong, supportive sense of community, with individual attention, small class sizes, and a focus on preparing for university entrance. Students learn in ways that are appropriate for their needs. Teachers encourage students to develop skills in critical thinking, creativity and communication, in preparation for a world that rewards analysis, initiative, and leadership.

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The front of the St. Michael’s Choir School building.

How We Meet the Diversified Needs of Our Students

Group f students in class listening to their teacher

At St. Michael's Choir School, your son will learn in an environment that gives him every opportunity to excel. We offer enriched academic opportunities that provide a solid foundation in core subjects such as English and Mathematics, that will afford him the necessary skills to study selected subjects in greater depth. The Choir School is unique in that the complete academic program is integrated with a lively ministry of sacred music in a school environment that reinforces the values of Catholic education. The St. Michael’s Choir School community operates on the premise that life is guided by faith and is lived according to Gospel values. Central to these values is the idea that each person has great dignity and deserves the highest respect.

Our students acquire the skills and discipline necessary for success in life after graduation. They earn a place in the university they choose and many go on to professional and graduate degrees. It is our hope that our graduates will also be well-rounded individuals - confident, caring, and committed to the well-being of those around them, with the knowledge that they belong to a community that will be with them throughout their life.

Student reciting in front f class

Finally, we believe that the education of our students is a partnership of parents, school faculty and the parish community.

Together, we share the responsibility for the formation of our students. Our parents are committed to the mission of the Choir School. They soon come to realize that St. Michael’s Choir School is a very special place for their sons to learn, grow, and thrive. Our parent community is very active in the life of our school and collectively support the school by volunteering, fundraising and providing a warm and nurturing home environment for their sons. St. Michael’s Choir School is a caring and exciting community with a clearly stated set of values.

School Organization

St. Michael’s Choir School is unique in its administrative and instructional organization. The school is a partnership between the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, represented by the Director, and the Toronto Catholic District School Board, represented by the Principal. It extends from Grade 3 through to 12. Liturgical choir music is at the center of the school’s busy life. Every weekend, for 10 months of the year, all the boys from Grades 5 through 12 sing in one of the four cathedral choirs. As well, all students study piano and theory with a view to learning organ, guitar or strings.

Teacher instructing a piano lessons to a student

It is a condition of enrolment at St. Michael’s Choir School the students participate fully in the Choir obligations of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music and in the music program. The music program of the school is provided by the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music and is under the authority of the Director acting on behalf of the Catholic Archbishop of Toronto. The instruction of these courses is provided for the most part by private school teachers. Music courses may earn credits recognized by the Toronto Catholic District School Board, the Ontario Ministry of Education, and, in some cases, by the Royal Conservatory of Music. The Principal and the Director work jointly to ensure that the courses taught and the credits granted meet Board and Ministry requirements.

The school offers a full academic program, including French Immersion, with a complete slate of subjects in all areas - language, social sciences, mathematics and science, at both the elementary school and secondary school levels. The Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music fee and the music program are mandatory above and beyond courses mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and are a condition of enrolment at St. Michael’s Choir School.