A picture of the St. Michael's Choir School uniform jacket with the school crest.

Dress Code

It is mandatory that all St. Michael’s Choir School students wear our school uniform. Our uniform policy conforms to the “Code of Dress” guidelines of the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

The purpose of the uniform is to instill a sense of pride and identity as well as contributing to the good order and atmosphere of the school, and the overall safety and security of the school. Students should be neat and well-groomed at all times. 

Students must wear the complete uniform while on school property at all times during the day, including the lunch period. All students are expected to wear their uniform to and from school. If students are not in uniform, a call is made to the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the student will be sent home to get his uniform or the parent will be asked to bring the uniform to school.

Please note (especially for incoming Grade 9 students) that all Secondary School students must wear a black, dark brown or dark blue shoe with no markings. If needed ,you can confirm the appropriateness of a particular shoe by sending a picture to the school administration team.

Uniform Purchase

The school uniform supplier is McCarthy Uniforms. All uniform items must be purchased through McCarthy Uniforms, either online, or at their retail location in Toronto.

Visit McCarthy Uniforms website for more information.