A picture of the St. Michael's Choir School uniform jacket with the school crest.


The St. Michael’s Choir School Guidance Department serves a student body of approximately 280 boys and young men in Grades 3 to 12.

Its primary goal is helping students to achieve a successful career at St. Michael’s Choir School and prepares students for post-secondary education.

To accomplish this, we provide a variety of resources so that each student can develop a successful and relevant post-secondary plan.

Secondary Course Selection

Visit our Course Offerings page for a list of the high school (Grades 9 to Grade 12) courses offered at St. Michael’s Choir School.

High School students at St. Michael's Choir School use myBlueprint to make their Course Selections. Refer to our selection guide for more information.

Compulsory Courses

Compulsory Courses are courses that are required for Graduation. Elective courses are optional courses. Our elective course offerings change from year to year and are dependent on student interest and teacher qualifications. ​​

Visit the Ministry of Education website for more information about Compulsory and Elective Courses as well as Graduation Requirements.

For curriculum resources, visit the the Ministry of Education website: Elementary Curriculum | Secondary Curriculum.

Community Service Hours

Completing 40 community service hours over the course of high school is mandatory in order to Graduate. However, students at St. Michael's Choir School are eligible to earn 40 hours per school year as part of their musical contributions with the Cathedral.

Students may complete additional community service hours and submit them to the Guidance Office.

A Volunteer Hours form must be filled out by the student as well as signed by the supervisor.

Refer to our Community Involvement Activity form for more information.

University Resources

Students can access the following university related resources.