A picture of the St. Michael's Choir School uniform jacket with the school crest.

Leadership Opportunities at SMCS

Explore some of the leadership opportunities available to the students of St. Michael's Choir School!

Leadership Opportunities

SMCS CONNECTS is our umbrella for student focused leadership. Our student leaders and staff work on creating opportunities that enhance and focus on student/student and student/Staff relationships. Our focus is on providing different contexts for brotherhood, where they can be challenged to be men for others while constantly learning that they must emulate Christ and be servant leaders.

Below is the Student Leadership Structure at SMCS:

  • 6 Grade 12 Prefects

  • 6 Grade 8 Prefects

  • 4 Grade 11 House Captains

  • 4 Grade 7 House Captains

  • Class Reps for grades for Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 & 10

 What does leadership mean at SMCS?

Leadership of course does not only mean being in charge but involvement/service in its various forms. 

Some example of leadership opportunities are:

  • Mental Health Supports: Bullying Awareness, Stop the Stigma, Mental Health Awareness

  • Morning Nutrition Program: Assisting CYW before school

  • Clubs: Latin, Anime, Chess, Electronic Music, Yearbook, Business Club

  • Sports (Intramural and Intermural): Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country, Chess, Table Tennis

  • Chaplaincy Team: Social Justice Club: Sandwich Run, Drives/Fundraisers/School Masses: Setup, guiding classes and assisting teachers in junior grades

  • Bambino Volunteer

  • Big Brother Program: Lunch Hour Activities

  • Mentorship through classes & extracurricular activities

  • Tutoring: Music, Academics

  • Tech Crew/ Assemblies: Setup & Takedown

  • Choral Leadership:

    • Fulfilling Choral Responsibilities

    • Schola Choir

    • Benefit Choir

    • Wedding Choir

  • Tour Helpers: Assisting Choral Office with preparation for tour, workshops in preparation for tour.

  • House Events: Setup, Facilitate Activities, Support House 

  • Beach Day: Preparation and Membership

  • Choral Apprentice Trainer

  • Theory Mentoring/Tutoring

  • Cantor opportunities

  • Music Library/Archives Volunteer Opportunities