Wide shot of the front of a prayer hall.


The goal and purpose of Chaplaincy is to strengthen the faith life and moral conscience of the school, to lead and show, by example, what it means to witness The Gospel and be of service to others.

Ms. Mary DeNisco, the school Chaplain, with the help of Peer Ministers, plans and assists in school Masses, food drives and various charitable activities, reaching out to our school and local communities.

We promote diversity and inclusion and are always ready to welcome new members to our Chaplaincy Team.

The service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth. - Muhamm​ad Ali


​Peer Ministers

Peer Ministers are a group of students who serve the school and help with initiatives that tend to be "spiritual" in nature.

Their help is invaluable in countless ways:

  • They assist at school Masses by doing the readings, serving the priest and ushering.

  • They are involved in school outreach initiatives, especially in helping Student Council with homeroom Christmas basket collection, distribution, etc.

  • They usher classes to various in school locations on Reconciliation Days.

  • They read the morning prayers on a voluntary basis.​

School Chapel

The Loretto College School Chapel is a warm, inviting place for students and staff to visit and spend time in quiet prayer and reflection.

Since the 100th Anniversary of Loretto College School, the Chapel is home to the Legacy Tree which celebrates memories of students, staff and alumni who are part of Loretto history.

The Chapel also boast its very own Nativity scene. After gently used “life size” figures and animals were purchased, Mr. Fenech cycled to work with a backpack full of tools and within hours built a custom wooden manger to house the Nativity scene. Ms. Decina graciously gave her time to help with set up and finishing touches.